How do I detail the outside of my RV?


Subsequently, How often should you wax an RV? Waxing your RV should be thought of as must-do maintenance twice a year to keep the paint in good shape. Not only does it keep the paint looking better, but also it will help prevent staining and sometimes chipping. When waxing, do a two-foot section at a time.

How often should you seal your RV roof? In fact, about every two to four years is ideal, depending on the kind of weather you have and the type of environment you drive through on a regular basis. Certain kinds of climates can cause more wear and tear on the roof than others. And always, after a large storm or heavy snow, inspect the roof for damage.

Yet, Can you clay bar an RV? The Extra Mile: There are certainly additional, more professional steps to make your RV exterior shine. These include but are not limited to clay-bar paint decontamination, paint sealing, wheel polishing, glass cleaning, and water repellent for the windshield.

How long does it take to buff an RV? After buffing each section of the paint, remove the residue with a high-quality microfiber towel. Repeat this process until the entire motorhome is buffed and free of defects. This could take between four and eight hours, depending on the condition of the exterior.

Can I wash my RV with Dawn dish soap?

There seems to be consensus in many RV forums that indicate Dawn can be used to clean your RV roof. The top of your RV roof should be cleaned at least four times per year and more frequently if you are traveling. Make sure and do your own roof inspection during those times and look for cracks, holes or damaged areas.

How can I make my old RV look new?

What is the best RV wax?

Best Wax for RV

  • 1.) Meguiar M5616 RV Wax. …
  • 2.) Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax. …
  • 3.) Turtle Wax T-477R ICE RV Wax. …
  • 4.) CorrosionX 61002 Rejex RV Wax. …
  • 5.) 303 Aerospace Protectant RV Wax. …
  • 6.) 3M Marine Restorer & RV Wax. …
  • 7.) Meguiar M5032 RV Wax.

How do you detail the inside of an RV?

How long does it take to clean an RV?

Break Up the Job Dividing the job into smaller chunks makes it much more manageable. It usually takes about three days to complete a detailed cleaning of our Class A motorhome. Start with the roof on day one.

What to use to clean RV floors?

To clean vinyl floors, use a mild soap and water with a damp mop. However, do not pour water on the floor, because it could leak under cabinet frames and panels and damage the wood. Treat the carpet in your RV as you would in your home by vacuuming.

Is it OK to pressure wash an RV?

You should never pressure wash or power wash your RV because of the high-pressure of the water will damage your RV’s exterior surfaces and components. As well, pressure washing injects water into crevices that may seep into your RV’s interior.

What will remove black streaks from RV?

Removing black streaks off your RV is a fairly simple process. Most black streaks can easily be removed during a routine RV wash using only soap and water. Simply dunk your sponge or brush in a bucket of soapy water and rub over the black streaks to remove.

What is the best way to clean the outside of an RV?

To clean the exterior of your RV, we suggest parking it in a place not in direct sunlight. First, spray it with water to remove dust. Next, using an abundant amount of clean water and a car-washing mitt or sponge, wash your RV from top to bottom. You can also use a mild car-washing soap.


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