House of the Dragon: the release date revealed and it’s coming soon

House of the Dragon: the release date revealed and it's coming soon

While last month, we presented this magnificent poster unveiled by George RR Martin promoting the next HBO seriesa brand new visual released today tells us more about the spin-off of the hit series Game Of Thronesrevealing in particular release date of the long-awaited new series.

finally a date!

The creator of the universe that inspired the series Game Of Thrones had already shared his feelings on the first episode of House of the Dragonthe prequel to the series broadcast on HBO, and already seemed conquered. And as of today, fans finally know the release date of the new HBO series.and are therefore all the more eager to discover what is in store for them.

On this poster, we can see a dragon egg in the foreground, but also the face of a dragon in the background. But what will especially interest fans is the inscription at the top, “08.21”, meaning then that the series House of the Dragon will be available on HBO from August 21 this year. Without further ado, check out the poster in question below.

As a reminder, House of the Dragon will take place two centuries before the events of the series Game Of Thronesand the first season of the prequel series which will consist of ten episodes will describe how House Targaryen descended into a brutal and bitter civil warknown as the “Dance of the Dragons”, and which would subsequently lead to the decline of the ruling family of Westeros.

The series was created by author George RR Martin and Ryan J. Condalseries co-creator colony. And just like the original series, House of the Dragon prides itself a sprawling cast, with however a smaller core of charactersfeaturing Paddy Considine as the King Viserys IEmmy D’Arcy in the role in the Princess RhaenryaViserys’ first child and main heiress, or even Matt Smith, who will play the character of Daemon Claw, younger brother of Viserys. We will also find Rhys Ifans who will play the role of Ser Otto Hightowerthe Hand of the King, Olivia Cook as Lady Alicent HightowerOtto’s daughter, and Fabien Frankel who will play Ser Criston Colea knight who only has eyes for Rhaenrya.

a slight lead over the competition

We can then see that the premiere date of House of Dragons at a little ahead of the other great fantasy series of the year, also serving as a prequel to one of the most popular franchises. It is obviously here question of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, which will debut on Amazon Prime Video from September 2, 2022.

Last February, Casey Bloys, an HBO and HBO Max managerhad declared to variety that it was “probably a safe bet” that the channel would order a second season for the series. He continued:

In general, we broadcast a program and we see how it goes, but obviously, we will make preparations upstream to be sure to be ahead of the game.

And to see the next very exciting project that Marvel and George RR Martin will be collaborating onsee our previous article on the subject, right here.


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