Harry Potter: the Weasley car recreated identically and the result is final

Harry Potter: the Weasley car recreated identically and the result is final

Arthur Weasley’s Ford Anglia, famous for transporting Harry and Ron to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets would really exist. We will explain everything to you.

A mythical car

This blue flying car first appears when Harry is stuck at his uncle and aunt’s house, the latter having placed bars on the windows of the young wizard’s room. The Weasleys then come to rescue him with the help of the magic car.

Then, as the wall giving access to platform 9¾ refuses to open, due to the spell cast by the house-elf Dobby, the two wizards take Ron’s father’s magic car to arrive at Hogwarts in time.

We find Arthur’s Ford one last time after Ron and Harry have visited Aragog, the acromentula and friend of Hagrid, on the latter’s advice, in order to lift the veil on the famous “monster of the room”. “. As they retrace their steps, the spider orders its colony to pursue and kill them. This is when the Ford survives and allows the two friends to escape.

best fan ever

The Ford, entry into the Hall of Fame of the Harry Potter universe is so famous thata Frenchwoman has decided to recreate it entirely and exhibit it. As a true fan of the universe, Cécile Darribet has decided to satisfy her passion by retyping an old Ford so that it looks exactly like the car in the film.

She thus exhibited it in the parking lot of her shop “Baguettes et Sortilèges” (itself dedicated to the world of wizards) sometimes surrounded by ropes in order to be authenticated as an object of exhibition. Since then, the relic has been the target of all the clichés, with many passers-by stopping en masse to immortalize it.

Yet, she tells the Republican South Girondethe Ford was not easy to find: “ I went to the south of France, near Montpellier, to pick it up. It was a crazy story, because I was stopped several times by the confinements…

After finally recovering it, Cécile Darribet used her temerity to modify the car and make it identical to the one in the film:

I went to see ten bodybuilders but I realized that it took special know-how to fix the car (…) I absolutely wanted all the parts to remain original. The red seats have become blue to reproduce Harry Potter’s car identically. It really is the same now!

If she remains discreet about the budget allocated to the purchase and customization, the Girondine explains that she uses her Ford to get to work, but no more, because the car has no seat belts or driving. assisted. A real fan as we love them.


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