God of War Ragnarok: this Mjolnir created by a fan has something to make the Thor of the MCU jealous

God of War Ragnarok: this Mjolnir created by a fan has something to make the Thor of the MCU jealous

Since 2005, lovers of mythology and bloody action games can look into the saga god of war. After having decimated Olympus, Kratos took the destination of the Nordic divine bed to spend happy days there. But after the events of god of war of 2018, PlayStation players will discover the continuation of the adventures of the deicide this year. Thor will be there with his mythical hammer, a weapon recreated by a fan.

a detailed replica

Initially planned for 2021, God of War: Ragnarok is finally postponed to 2022. A title signed Santa Monica Studios which is to be released on PlayStation 5. The first images were unveiled during a PlayStation Showcase, the opportunity for fans of the franchise to discover the changes made to this expected adventure . Only, as teased in the first part, Thor will appear in God of War: Ragnarok. And unfortunately for his adversaries, the God of Thunder arrives accompanied by his faithful hammer: Mjolnir.

A legendary weapon that viewers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can follow since 2011, with the movie Thor. For more than a decade now, Chris Hemsworth has lent his features to the God of Thunder. But while the MCU’s Mjolnir is in shambles, blame it on an angry Hela, a fan of god of war wanted to recreate the hammer glimpsed in the trailer of God of War: Ragnarok in real life. A fan known as SLUG_927 on Reddit, who recently shared the result.

A replica made of resin at 1:1 scale. Neither metal nor wood were used for this creation, which remains an extremely detailed reproduction. Note that SLUG_927 is not at its first attempt. Always through his Reddit account, this artist did not fail to share his previous creations. Blades of Chaos god of warCloud Strife’s giant sword Final Fantasy VII or even the Leviathan ax of the god of war of 2018, reproductions to discover just below:

Chaos Blades (God of War):

Sword of Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII):

Leviathan Ax (god of war):


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