Frown lines: How to get rid of it? We reveal everything to you!


But how to get rid of frown lines? Located between the eyebrows, at the level of the forehead… This expression line is by far one of the most widespread. Discover below some tips to say goodbye to him.

The famous lion’s wrinkle

Located between the eyebrows on the forehead… The frown line is an extremely common expression line. Just like the puppet wrinkle, crow’s feet, or any wrinkle on the face.

Indeed, if it is rather common, it is no less annoying! Why does it appear? Can we prevent it? How to get rid of it? The Leenkus editorial staff reveals everything you need to know in this article.

In fact, today there are several techniques, namely botox. This will relax the muscles of the face and thus prevent facial movements from forming wrinkles.

Also, hyaluronic acid. In injection, hyaluronic acid therefore makes it possible to smooth the skin, without altering facial movements, unlike botox. However, it fades over time.

Microneedling and peeling

Microneedling is a technique that softens wrinkles but does not completely erase them unlike injections.

It is a gentle method, which will create microcracks on the face using tiny needles. They will thus stimulate the production of collagen through healing.

Also, the peel removes dead skin cells and activates the cell renewal process. It restores radiance to the face, while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

For real efficiency, it is preferable to perform it in an institute. This is to have a peel adapted to your needs.

If you do not yet have frown lines, know that it is always possible to adopt the right reflexes to avoid it or at least reduce its appearance. How to do ? Nothing better than these small gestures, which are in fact applicable for any type of wrinkle.

First of all, tobacco should be avoided. This narrows the blood vessels and also prevents the skin from being properly oxygenated. This now deteriorates the production of collagen.

You also need to stay hydrated. Indeed, dehydrated skin is skin that will have deeper wrinkles. To avoid them, it is therefore necessary to drink at least 1L of water per day.

Other tips….

To avoid wrinkles, it is also necessary to consume healthier while avoiding alcohol as much as possible. The specialties then recommend consuming a lot of oily fish, nuts, seeds and more widely and foods rich in omega 3.

Also, protect your skin from UV rays. Sunscreen, moisturizer with an SPF index, or a hat will be your best friends. Moreover, by blocking UV rays, you now allow your skin to better preserve its collagen reserve.

Also remember to apply anti-wrinkle care. Adopt a serum, a cream and any other anti-aging treatment. These creams can act preventively, helping your skin to stimulate its production of elastin and collagen.

And finally, do not forget to massage his face. This allows you to lessen the effects of stress, which causes facial tension. By hand or with facial massage tools… Relax your face to prevent your skin from chafing.


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