Flash: 5 actors who could replace Ezra Miller in the DCEU

Flash: 5 actors who could replace Ezra Miller in the DCEU

You surely know it, a short time ago, Ezra Miller was arrested by the police for inappropriate behavior. While under the influence of alcohol, he harassed a woman physically and orally, and started a fight in a bar in Hawaii. Faced with these setbacks, Warner decided to put all its projects with the actor on hold. Bad luck, Ezra Miller appears in two flagship franchises of the firm: Fantastic Beasts and the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Indeed, he camps the famous Flash in the DCEU films. And while The Flash is expected in 2023, one question remains: will Warner replace the actor? If so, here’s a list of 5 actors who could take Ezra Miller’s place as The Flash. This is obviously a personal list that is not official.

Dylan O’Brien

Revealed in the series Teen Wolf then in the trilogy The labyrinth, comedian Dylan O’Brien is an ultra convincing candidate to succeed Ezra Miller in the skin of Flash. Born in 1991, he is the perfect age to play Barry Allen in the DCEU. He is a young actor who knows how to play various roles, but who above all has a lot of experience in terms of blockbusters. Recently, it has appeared in particular in Bumblebee and in the Netflix movie Love and Monsters. A role like Flash could additionally allow him to give a boost to his career, which is struggling to take off completely.

Tye Sheridan

Born in 1996, Tye Sheridan could be a strong candidate to be the new face of The Flash in the DCEU. A convincing Texan actor, he has already proven his talent for acting on many occasions. Tye Sheridan has appeared in various productions, and knew how to excel both in auteur cinema and in productions for the general public. We have thus been able to see him in intimate films such as The Tree of Life, MUD – On the banks of the Mississippi, Joe or even more recently The Tender Baras much as in big Hollywood productions like Ready Player One, Dark Places Where still in X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: Dark Phoenix as Scott Summers. Which gives him experience in the field of superhero films. A great asset for this kind of role.

Andrew Garfield

What if the interpreter of Spider-Man changed sides to join the DC universe? After all, Andrew Garfield is an extremely talented actorwho has a strong experience in the world of superheroes since he was the face of Peter Parker in the two films The Amazing Spider-Man and more recently in Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, 38 years old is starting to be a bit old to get into Barry Allen’s shoes. And not sure that the actor agrees again to step into the shoes of another superhero.

Pierre Niney

What if we took a Frenchman in the skin of Flash? 33 years old, Pierre Niney has the perfect profile to step into the role of Barry Allen. A talented actor, who is used to the roles of heroes with a big heart and a little shy, he has in the past almost played Spider-Man on screen. In any case, Hollywood had offered him a casting, but he had refused. Now that McFly and Carlito have revived the hype of a possible superhero role with Leaf Manand if Pierre Niney became the new face of Flash in the DCEU?

Grant Gustin

And if the evidence was already before our eyes. Since 2014, the comedian Grant Gustin is the face of Barry Allen on the show Flash and in the Arrowverse. Now 32 years old, he has been playing a solid Barry Allen for the CW for almost 10 years now. And if we offered him a promotion to replace Ezra Miller in the DCEU?

We also thought of actors like Timothée Chalamet, Aaron Taylor Johnson and Jack Lowden. We leave it to you. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think of this non-exhaustive list in the comments. And do not hesitate, above all, to us propose comedians who could step into the Flash costume instead of Ezra Miller.


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