Elon Musk: after Twitter, the billionaire evokes McDonald’s and Coca-Cola

Elon Musk: after Twitter, the billionaire evokes McDonald's and Coca-Cola

You could not miss this information in recent days: Elon Musk has indeed bought Twitter, for the modest sum of 44 billion dollars. According to him, it would not be a fad but a totally thoughtful act, with multiple objectives, including promoting freedom of expression. But continuing to troll everyone through and through seems to be part of that, too.

We love it or we hate it, but Elon Musk rarely leaves completely indifferent. We must admit that it is difficult to go unnoticed when you are the richest multi-billionaire in the world, you own several large companies, that we buy Twitter and that we spend our time publishing everything and anything on it.

Because beyond his ambitious projects for the future of our planet and of the human species which, according to him, will have to settle on Mars, Elon Musk is also known for his many escapades on the famous social network. He never hesitates to publish unexpected tweets. In recent hours, in addition to wanting to make Twitter “maximum fun”, he thus mentioned two new major takeover projects.

Let’s make Twitter fun!

April 28, 2022

Coca and McDonalds in the line of sight?

As if Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter hadn’t already caused enough talk, the billionaire posted an astonishing tweet recently, in which he talks about his desire to buy Coca-Cola “to put cocaine back in”, since the famous psychotropic was indeed present in the drink until the beginning of the 20th century.

Next I’m buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in

April 28, 2022

You would have understood it, this is obviously a big troll from Elon Musk, who is probably laughing at everyone who criticized his takeover of Twitter. Finally… We imagine. Otherwise, it would still be a bit big: a few hours later, the billionaire shared the screenshot ofan old tweet of his, in which he mentioned the takeover of McDonald’s, to be able “repair all ice machines”.

Listen, I can’t do miracles ok pic.twitter.com/z7dvLMUXy8

April 28, 2022

This time, he makes fun of this wacky project himself, stating that he “cannot do miracles”. In short, Elon Musk continues to have fun, to the misfortune of some and the happiness of others. In any case, his most loyal fans continue to believe in him, and one of them even responds by asking him if he can “redeem China to democratize it”. The trolls are not ready to disappear from Twitter!



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