Elden Ring: this speedrunner enters the legend by finishing the game without taking absolutely no damage

Elden Ring: this speedrunner enters the legend by finishing the game without taking absolutely no damage

For more than a month now, lovers of difficulty and gigantic bosses can confront the latest game from FromSoftware studios: Elden Ring. A title described as a masterpiece by many specialized media and players who must now be introduced to the expertise of speedrunners.

a feat

FromSoftware games have a privileged history with speedrunners. Tough difficulty, a slew of bosses, easy deaths and easy mistakes make FromSoftware games favored terrain for speedruns. A show of choice for Internet users who can thus discover the expertise of big talented players. And since the release ofElden Ringmany speedrunners are tackling this newcomer. Participants can jump into various categories, whether they prefer to focus on completing the game or defeating all major bosses.

Only, others try to go even further by titillating the limits of the possible. This is the case of the streamer Seki. After spending more than 130 hours testing the possibilities of his lens, the speedrunner has managed to establish the first run ofElden Ring taking absolutely no damage. But where this run differs from the others is that Seki allows himself absolutely no deviation. Thus, he cannot take any environmental damage such as poison or fall damage. Seki cannot then take advantage of certain shortcuts or abilities allowing him to increase his damage when his life bar is low.


April 2, 2022

And this April 2, 2022, Seki sets a first time: 2 hours 51 minutes and 10 seconds. 130 hours of preparation will have been necessary for this exploit, which allows him to enter the legend ofElden Ring. Note that Seki is not at his first attempt. The speedrunner has already achieved similar feats in FromSoftware’s other games. Contrary to what some might think, the biggest difficulty of his run was not a buggy dog ​​or an unfortunate fall damage but indeed the last boss of the game: the beast of Elden. And for good reason, his incantation “stars of Elden” is almost impossible to dodge.

One of the few solutions lies in knocking him down when he casts the spell. And as Seki explains, this part of the fight alone will have required several dozen hours of training before managing to trigger it at the right time. Seki is not going to stop there and intends to tackle another category: obtaining all the memories in record time. It remains to be seen whether, here too, the speedrunner will manage to enter the legend.



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