Elden Ring: beware this ridiculous mob is buggy and kills you in one shot

Elden Ring: beware this ridiculous mob is buggy and kills you in one shot

Since February 25, lovers of difficulty have been eager to visit the Entre-Terre d’Elden Ring. The latest FromSoftware is full of surprises, which players continue to discover again and again as the weeks go by. Lo and behold, recently, a ridiculous and completely buggy mob simply kills you in one hit.

a particular bug

Throughout their travels, players continue to discover the wonders ofElden Ring. Between its various and varied references, its still unexplored surprises, like the recent wall of the Manor of the Volcano which you have to hit 50 times, and very many enemies, Elden Ring full of content. While many players are now waiting to be able to rub shoulders with probable DLCs, others continue to explore this mysterious world filled with formidable enemies.

Like its predecessors, Elden Ring has a host of bosses. From the first accessible to the last more complicated, the latest from the Japanese studio offers a welcome difficulty curve. However, its hundred bosses are not the only threat to its environments. And for good reason, it is also via its bestiary thatElden Ring shines. In addition to his soldiers and his usual undead, his bestiary is made up of many creatures with diverse and varied patterns.

Some are more of a problem for players, like dogs and rats. Small, quick, sneaky, though seemingly weak, they present themselves as a threat not to be underestimated. And recently, players came face to face with a peculiar dog, 11 times more powerful than General Radahn, one of the major bosses ofElden Ring. Such power that even with 99 stamina, this dog would still have enough power to one-hit you five times.

11,640 damage in a single animation, enough to surprise even the biggest players. A mystery to which the dataminer and modder Zullie the Witch turned. After analysis, he realized that the dog was completely bugged. For a contextualization, it is necessary to know that the enemies ofElden Ring share animation data for easy technique. So instead of having to have unique attack animations for each small variation, many of them share the same animations. Same operation for dogs, except dogs that inflict bleeding come in two sizes. And when one of the dog types attacks you, the game checks what size it is and allows it to deal an appropriate amount of damage to you. Once you’ve been hit, you can’t be hit by the same attack again.

But instead of locking its decision on the attack of the dog that hits you, thus forcing other attacks to lock in to similar data, Elden Ring chooses one, then erases the data of this choice. It makes this decision every time you are in the attack’s hit zone, multiplying the damage dealt in a split second. Note that the state of bleeding is not taken into account in this calculation. Zullie believes that she has found a solution to this problem, which is not to erase the data of the choice as soon as the enemy attacks. It remains to be seen whether FromSoftware will take this feedback into account.


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