Elden Ring: 5 new ideas we would like to see for a sequel or DLC

Elden Ring: 5 new ideas we would like to see for a sequel or DLC

Real video game phenomenon of the year 2022, Elden Ring is on track to make a lasting mark on the players. While we are far from having finished discovering its many secrets, here are five ideas that we would like to see realized for a possible sequel or DLC.

#1 A wardrobe

It’s no secret, but Fashion Souls is also an important part of From Software gameswith many players multiplying the screenshots and ensuring the aesthetics of their character above all else. The item design team always does an amazing job. and it would be fair to pay homage to them by adding a possibility to value the numerous armors of the game, by having them pose on various mannequins in the Round Table, or one system like that of the transmogrifications of World of Warcraftie to keep the characteristics of an armor or a weapon by changing its appearance.

#2 always more spells

One of the highlights of the gameplay ofElden Ring is its overhaul of known license spells. These are an integral part of the game experience and are almost necessary to clear certain areas. However, one could complain about the low repertoire. One could, for example, imagine more different magic schools with specific items. Even if for many, playing with magic corresponds to playing on easy mode, and how can you blame them when you know thatit is almost possible to kill some bosses with a single spell, or to solo others using exclusively the spirits available in the game. Spells have been leveled up, now they need to be improved and balanced. The British Youtube channel Spiffing Brit had fun pushing the concept of magic to its climax, and that gives the video above.

#3 a better co-op mode

Modifying the game’s cooperation system would be entirely possible and could act as a free update, or even be integrated into a DLC or a sequel to the game.. Traveling the world together is good, doing it in good conditions is better. One of the big weak points of the game is precisely its cooperative mode. This system is too similar to what existed before and seems archaic for a game that wants to be innovative. Adding an option to allow players to help themselves with more than one boss or play more with their friends would be a great idea.

#4 Always more bosses

It may seem obvious, but not all SoulsLike DLCs added bosses. Thus, the free DLC of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice only offered a Rush mode to take on chain bosses. By adding additional bosses, From Software will do what any gamer expects from the license. However, you have to put it into perspective, there are already almost a hundred bosses in the game. To add more would be greed. But it will also be an opportunity to use some of the content not used but present in the game, such as a strange Colosseum, possibly present for a PVP DLC.

#5 Procedural generation?

Bloodborne had attempted to include in the series a system to reconcile the license of a Rogue-Like with Chalice Dungeons, but in the end it was mostly crude tiles put together to form a boring dungeon. But the idea of ​​procedurally generated dungeons isn’t bad in itself, adding real replayability without having to recreate a character. It could truly be a fantastic addition to Elden Ring.

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