Does Panda Express have a secret menu?


Does Panda Express have a secret menu? The Panda Express secret menu is well worth your while if you love this chain and want to discover more than you can find on the traditional menu. When you edge away from casual dining and into fast food, the secret menus always get better.

also What is a 2 entree plate at Panda Express?

Combo meals are served with fried rice, steamed rice, chow mein, or mixed vegetables. No MSG is added to any of the items at Panda Express after it has been delivered to the restaurant. A 1-Entree Plate (a.k.a. Panda Bowl) goes for $5.25, a 2-Entree Plate for $6.49, and a 3-Entree Plate for just $7.74.

What can you not order at Panda Express? These are the items you should absolutely never order at Panda Express.

  • Beijing Beef from Panda Express. …
  • Fried rice from Panda Express. …
  • Teriyaki Chicken from Panda Express. …
  • Orange Chicken from Panda Express. …
  • Shanghai Angus Steak from Panda Express. …
  • Cream Cheese Rangoon from Panda Express. …
  • Mushroom Chicken from Panda Express.

What is the healthiest option at Panda Express?

These Are the Healthiest Menu Items at Panda Express, Says…

  • Broccoli Beef.
  • Mushroom Chicken.
  • Black Pepper Angus Steak.
  • Super Greens.

How do you get free entree at Panda Express?

After visiting a Panda Express, taking a quick survey to let the company know about your experience will snag you a coupon for a free entree of your choice. To get your free Panda Express entree, you’ll need to visit a Panda Express and save your receipt.

Does Panda Express do family meals?

Each Family Meal includes your choice of three large entrees plus two large sides for $29. Large entrees at my nearest Panda Express go for $10.40 each, while large sides are priced at $4.40 each. Purchased individually, the $29 Family Meal would cost $40 at my local Panda Express.

What is the difference between a bowl and a plate at Panda Express?

If you eat a lot, the plate is recommended for you as it goes with 2 entrees and one side. I just get the bowl, for one entree and one side, just enough for me. … The entrees are on display and warm. My favorites are the beef, fried rice and grilled chicken.

What is a bowl at Panda Express?

Bowls include one side and one entree item, with side options of mixed vegetables, steamed rice, chow mein, brown rice, and fried rice.

What is the dirtiest fast food restaurant?

Burger King: Dirtiest of All Fast Food Chains

But recent headline-grabbing incidents aside, Burger King has repeatedly been deemed the dirtiest fast food chain of them all.

Is Panda Express worse than Mcdonalds?

Panda Express is no better or worse than every other fast food restaurant in terms of nutrition. As always, we suggest eating in moderation and choosing meals low in calories and fats, while offering plenty of protein.

Is Panda Express Orange Chicken bad for you?

When deciding on entrees, orange chicken may be the most popular order, but with over 20g of fat and one of the highest calorie options on the menu, it’s not the smartest choice. Opt for the vegetable-based entrees, like the broccoli chicken or string bean chicken.

Can diabetics eat Panda Express?

Diabetes friendly Panda Express options: The following options are lower in sodium and moderate in carbohydrates compared to other items on their menu: Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Grilled Asian Chicken, Potato Chicken, or Broccoli Beef with veggie focused side dishes.

Does Panda Express give you a free meal on your birthday?

Panda Express – Get an exclusive offer on your birthday when you sign up for their email newsletter.

What counts as an entree at Chipotle?

For clarity purposes, “regular entrée item” means a burrito, burrito bowl, quesadilla, single order of tacos, or a salad, subject to availability.

Does Panda Express still have a limited menu?

Panda Express has downsized its menu in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The chain has announced they are simplifying their menu by only offering their most popular entrees and appetizers in order to make it easier for their restaurant employees.

How much is a family feast at Panda Express?

Panda Express has a deal that will not only feed the entire family, but also includes free delivery. Their $29 Family Meal deal includes your choice of three entrees and two sides, plus delivery.

How much does a bigger plate cost at Panda Express?


Bowl: 1 Entree + 1 Side $5.90
Plate: 2 Entrees + 1 Side $6.90
Bigger Plate: 3 Entrees + 1 Side $8.40
Kid’s Meal: Jr Entree + Jr Side + 12oz Drink & Cookie $5.00
Family Feast: 3 Large Entrees + 2 Large Sides $31.50

What are some Panda Express hacks?

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  • Kung Pao Chicken Quesadilla. Elliott’s take: So devilishly simple, you’ll wish you thought of it yourself. …
  • Hot & Sour Chow Mein Ramen. …
  • Thai-Style Crispy Walnut Shrimp Papaya Salad. …
  • The Mixed Burrito You’ve Been Missing. …
  • Tea Bar Drinks.

Did Panda Express make their boxes smaller?

Hi there. The portions are still one heaping scoop of your favorite dish. Our new eco-friendly containers hold the same serving sizes as before. … Our servings haven’t changed for our new recyclable bowls.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at Panda Express?

Veggies – Better Choice

  • Mixed Veggies Side Dish Portion (8.6 ounces) …
  • Mixed Veggies Entrée Portion (4.3 ounces) …
  • Broccoli Chicken. …
  • String Bean Chicken. …
  • String Bean Chicken Breast. …
  • SweetFire Chicken Breast. …
  • Orange Chicken. …
  • Sweet & Sour Chicken.

What are super greens at Panda Express?

A healthful medley of broccoli, kale, and cabbage.

What drinks are at Panda Express?

A variety of Coca-Cola products, including Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Sprite and Fanta Orange fountain options, as well as Dasani Sparkling and Honest Tea bottled beverages are available at Panda Express, Panda Inn and Hibachi San locations.

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