Do you have to buy clubs after a fitting?

  1. Usually, the cost of the fitting is subtracted from the cost of the clubs if you buy them.
  2. If you don’t like any of the clubs you try, then don’t buy anything.
  3. You will likely have to pay a moderate fee for the fitting, but the results are yours to keep.

Subsequently, Should a high handicapper get fitted? Whether you’re a high handicapper looking to hit more consistent shots, or whether you’re a tour player looking to refine and build confidence, fitting is measurably beneficial.

How long should a club fitting take? In terms of what to expect, Grabowy said that fitting a player for a full set of clubs will take about two and a half hours and include “educating” a player about his or her needs. The fitting process also remains pretty much the same for woods, irons and wedges.

Yet, What is the most important club to get fitted? Even if you don’t want to invest in a full bag fitting at this time, you should still get the two most important clubs fitted, the putter and driver, so you are set up for success.

How do I prepare for golf fitting?

How long should I play golf before getting fitted?

The short answer is this: if you have played some golf and have clubs currently after a lesson or two I would suggest getting fit. If it is a brand new player, I recommend that we work the swing through 4 or 5 lessons and then get them fit.

How much does a TaylorMade fitting cost?

The cost of a full bag fitting is around $400 and specific clubs cost less. Expect it to take a couple hours, depending on how many clubs you are getting fit for. Also if you place an order you get a discount off your clubs based on the amount you sped.

How long does a golf fitting take?

Examples: Driver or iron fittings usually take 45-60 minutes, wedge fittings usually take 30 minutes, woods fittings usually take 60 minutes.

How often should I get fitted for golf clubs?

Regular golfers should get fitted for clubs every 5 years. Wedges & forged irons need checked every 2 years due to extra wear & tear but fitted putters last a lifetime. Drivers are worth checking with fitters every 5 years for better options but gains vs. costs need to be assessed at each fitting.

Can you get fitted for clubs you already have?

And the answer is absolutely yes, it’s worth getting fit for clubs you already have. Especially if you’re 5-foot-5, since a stock set of clubs isn’t likely to have the proper lie angle for you. Luckily, if that’s the case, it’s not a difficult fix.

What do I need to know before club fitting?

General Tips

  • A set of irons is really a collection of clubs, each with a unique purpose. …
  • Know your primary fitting objective. …
  • More distance CAN be beneficial. …
  • Always, always, always pay attention to launch angle, spin rates, descent angle and shot shape. …
  • Carry distance is more important than total distance.

Do you bring your own clubs to a fitting?

Because the first step of the fitting process is to establish a baseline from your current performance level, make sure to bring the following: Your current club or set of clubs. Your typical outfit and shoes – Dress as if you’re about to play a few rounds!

Do I have to buy clubs after a fitting?

Usually, the cost of the fitting is subtracted from the cost of the clubs if you buy them. If you don’t like any of the clubs you try, then don’t buy anything. You will likely have to pay a moderate fee for the fitting, but the results are yours to keep.

How far should you hit a 7 iron?

Average 7 Iron Distance By Age

Age Range Average 7 Iron Distance
20-30 160 yards
30-40 155 yards
40-50 146 yards
50-60 139 yards

What is a good set of golf clubs for an average golfer?

Set Composition The Callaway Strata 16-piece set are the best golf clubs for an average golfer. These clubs are forgiving, high-launching, consistent, and moderately priced. In addition, the set includes a well-rounded offering of woods, hybrids, irons, and a putter to optimize your performance from tee to green.

How much does a complete set of golf clubs cost for beginners to intermediate golfers?

On average, the cost of new OEM club will be around $1900. The driver will cost you $400, hybrid one $200, Fairway wood is at $200, Wedge at $150, Iron set at $800 and Putter at $150.

Are 20 year old golf irons still good?

Unless you play a ton and shut down the range nightly, there’s no reason a set of irons shouldn’t last five to ten years. In terms of tech, it depends what you want in your irons. If you play traditional forged irons, nothing substantial has changed in decades.

Is it better to have steel or graphite shafts?

Typically, steel shafts are much heavier, more durable and are generally less expensive than their graphite counterparts. They are more often than not made from stainless steel and they tend to weigh in between around 90g-120g. Torque or lateral twisting found in all graphite shafts is lower in steel irons.

How often should you replace your golf irons?

A good rule of thumb to follow is if you’re a golfer with a low handicap or just a casual golfer is to replace your golf irons somewhere around every four to five years or after around three hundred rounds. This can prevent the golf clubs from wearing down to the point where it seriously impacts your golf game.

What is considered an intermediate golfer?

The Intermediate Golfer maintains a handicap index of 35 or better and usually scores 95-115 in an 18 hole round.

How long should golf clubs last?

Taking into account the different factors we’ve discussed, a quality set of golf irons can last anywhere from 8 to 10 years with proper care, and sometimes up to 12 years. Remember, if you take care of your golf clubs, they’ll take care of you!

How much should I spend on a set of irons?

Those who just enjoy a few holes on the weekend typically don’t need to pay that much for these clubs. Those who do, however, should know that they’re going to spend a minimum of at least $800-1,000 per club – sometimes even more. Irons, in particular, can be upwards of $1,500 at the professional level.


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