Deadpool 3: these clues that tease the return of this emblematic character of the X-Men

Deadpool 3: these clues that tease the return of this emblematic character of the X-Men

Deadpool 3 is currently in the works under Marvel Studios, showrun by Shawn Levy. Wade Wilson could give the answer to this iconic X-Men character in the third part. If nothing is officially confirmed, many clues tease his return in the next installment.

Deadpool 3: what we know about the sequel with Ryan Reynolds

After years of doubts and speculation, Disney has confirmed the development of Deadpool 3 in November 2020. While the news pleasantly surprised fans of Wade Wilson, the Mickey-eared franchise promised to maintain R-rated classification for this sequel, that is to say a film prohibited for children under 17 in the United States because of the insults and violent scenes it contains. After this wonderful information, Disney and Marvel Studios left viewers with no further news to sink their teeth into, until shortly after the release ofAdam through time on Netflix, we are told that the director of the film, Shawn Levy, would be at the helm of Deadpool 3. On the casting side, only the interpreter of the main hero has been confirmed, but several clues and statements suggest that this iconic character will be back within the suite.

Deadpool 3: the return of this flagship character confirmed?

If Ryan Reynolds absolutely wants to see Hugh Jackman in the skin of Wolverine at his side, it is another character of the X-Men who is currently concerned by this article. It is Domino, played on screen by Zazie Beetz. Interviewed by Screen Rant about her potential return, she has not officially confirmed her involvement in Deadpool 3corn his excitement about the sequel may be indicative of good news : “I’m so excited. Fingers crossed hoping Domino is a part of it and if not, that’s still cool. But they’re just such a great team. I love Deadpool. J love Domino so much.”

this other character could be part of Deadpool 3

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March 27, 2022

Earlier this year, she confided in comic book that she would love to come back for “Deadpool 3,4,5,7,19”. The latter even specifies that she feels so good with her character of Domino, that she would be ready to return for a spin-off centered on its origins. Zazie Beetz isn’t the only actress teasing her potential comeback Deadpool 3 : this is also the case of Leslie Uggams, who played the character of Blind Al in the two previous films. The latter congratulated Ryan Reynolds for his performance in Adam through time on Twitter, and the response of the American star did not escape internet users. He replied: “Thank you Leslie. See you soon.”, accompanied by emojis in the shape of a sword, in reference to the mercenary Wade Wilson. Can we therefore expect to find the entire team in Deadpool 3 ? The bets have been made !


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