DC: here are the 10 favorite superhero couples of fans

DC: here are the 10 favorite superhero couples of fans

A few months ago, we presented this tribute to you by Marvel with these magnificent posters featuring the most beautiful couples in its universe. But there are also many romantic relationship In the universe DC Comics, with some likely being as old as their Marvel counterparts. Among these, the most emblematic relationship in the history of comics is undoubtedly that of Superman and Lois Lane. However, things take a whole different turn when the two characters involved are Super herobecause it gives a new dynamic to their partnership. comic book fans then voted on the site Rankerin order to elect their favorite couples in the marvel and dc universes. If the Marvel characters are mainly at the top of the ranking, the dc superheroes are not left out. Without further ado, here is the ranking of the best couples in the DC Comics universe according to fans.

10) Apollo and Midnighter

It was mostly DC Comics fans who voted for their favorite superhero pairings, which means some names might be unfamiliar to those who only follow DC through the movies and TV series. Midnighter and Apollo Weren’t Originally DC Characters, but became so when WildStorm was acquired by DC. Based on Superman and Batman, the characters formed one of the most notable LGBTQ+ relationships in comicsand even though the latter began outside of DC, their relationship was kept and expanded thereafter.

9) Big Barda and Mister Miracle

Another pairing that will only be known to the most ardent fans is that of Mister Miracle and Big Barda, although they were significant enough that fans of Ranker count them among their favorite superhero relationships. These characters, however, were not originally part of the main DC universe. Because Mister Miracle and Big Barda come from Jack Kirby’s “Fourth World”, having introduced the New Gods, thus expanding the universe of Darkseid. They are two of the most important characters in this world, and they remain an iconic couple even in later versions.

8) Star Sapphire and Green Lantern

In his comic book debut, Hal Jordan was in a relationship with his boss, Carol Ferris. Both characters appear during the Silver Age of comics in the late 1950s, marking Hal Jordan’s debut as Green Lantern.. For most of that time, Ferris wasn’t a superhero, but everything changed when she took on the identity of Star Sapphire. She then became a recurring enemy and fought Green Lantern many times. However, the latter always found a way to bring back to normal a Carol Ferris who forgot every time everything about her second personality. The couple broke up and got back together countless times, and while Hal Jordan was able to flutter a few times, he always ends up coming back to the one who can be considered the love of his life.

7) Stephanie Brown and Tim Drake

Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown have had an incredibly complicated relationship over the years, and between Batman’s manipulations, secret identity issues, and various happenings in the DC Universe, it’s safe to say the two characters never not had it easy. Yet their relationship remains one of DC Comics’ most intense.the characters sharing a bond that seems indestructible, even if many elements force them to be separated.

6) Hawkwoman and Hawkman

The relationship between Katar and Shayera (or Carter and Shiera) is one of the strongest bonds in the DC Universe, as it transcends time and space.. Depending on which version of the characters you’re looking at (pre or post-Crisis), they’ve been shown to really like each other. Their post-Crisis versions are eternally linked beyond death, constantly being resurrected into a new era, where they inevitably end up.

5) Oracle and Nightwing

Nightwing and Oracle grew up together while Dick Grayson was Robin and Barbara Gordon Batgirl. And when Barbara was nearly killed by the Joker and left paralyzed, the pair still managed to maintain a strong relationship. They are now close allies and share one of the best relationships in the DC Universe.

4) Mera and Aquaman

Arthur Curry and Mera were meant to be together in the comics. The king of Atlantis and his bride have been linked since the 1960s and share love and heartbreak together. The couple had a child who died, which separated them for a time. But when DC Comics revived the series The New 52Aquaman and Mera have gotten back together, and the two seem destined to remain a couple no matter how hard their lives go, always managing to find each other.

3) Starfire and Nightwing

If Dick and Barbara form one of the most serious relationships in the DC universe, the one most fans know best is the relationship between Dick and Starfire. This shock couple introduced in the comics Young Justice in the 1980s and in the DC animated universe quickly became an iconic couple. After starting out as teammates in the New Teen Titans, a chemistry was born between the alien princess and the former Robin. They have thus carried out many missions together, fighting crime side by side. And in 2021, DC Comics finally reunited them after years apart.in the comic book series Teen Titans Academy.

2) Black Canary and Green Arrow

Oliver Queen had an on-and-off relationship with Dinah Laurel Lance, the daughter of the first Black Canary, who continued the superhero career started by his mother. Oliver Queen was a hot-headed vigilante who was hard to trust, and Black Canary was one of DC Comics’ greatest heroines. This is why the union of the two characters makes them one of the most beloved couples in the DC universe..

1) Catwoman and Batman

Bruce Wayne was instantly attracted to Selina Kyle from their first meeting. But over the decades, their relationship has been somewhat rocky.. Selina was on the straight and narrow for a while, then plunged back into the world of crime, her character tending towards anti-hero over the years. Throughout this time, Bruce remained in love with her, and “failed” to capture her numerous times. They even came close to getting married, but it all came crashing down when the two realized it could never work out.

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