Cooking: Here are tips stolen from bloggers


Cooking blogs are full of unlikely ideas to save time in the kitchen. Discover some tips in this article.

Peel your avocados with a glass

How to peel an avocado in no time? We found a practical tip on the Philandcocuisine blog. First cut the avocado in half, remove the core. Then slide the edge of a glass between the flesh and the skin of the avocado. This until the latter is completely detached from the fruit. Perfect kitchen tip, in 10 seconds flat!

Melting chocolate (express)

Kitchen tip: in the Latendresseencuisine blog, we found a miracle solution for melting chocolate. Pour boiling water over the squares of chocolate until they are completely covered. Without mixing, wait 1 minute, then prick the chocolate with the tip of a knife. When there is no more resistance, the chocolate is melted. All that remains is to remove the excess water.

Kitchen tip: prepare your pancake batter…in a bottle

To make lump-free pancake batter… The blogger Hellyane.canalblog pours half of the ingredients into a bottle using a funnel. Then shake vigorously. She then renews the operation with the rest of the ingredients!

Kitchen tip: cook your pizzas in a pan

From now on, you can prepare your pizza in the pan. And it’s really fast! Here is the Chichichoc.blogspot method: place the pan on high heat, spread the dough on the hot pan, letting it rise to the edges. Then, immediately cover with tomato coulis. Season, and add the garnish, then place it under the broiler for a few minutes! A practical kitchen trick!

Kitchen tip: shape cookies quickly

To form beautiful cookies in record time, according to amusesboucher, the food blogger… All you have to do is make balls of dough using an articulated ice cream scoop. She therefore advises placing the dough in a bowl, covering it with plastic wrap and refrigerating it, until the consistency is ideal.

Make pie crusts in a pan

Also, it is possible to make a dough without kneading or resting time. Here’s the tip from food blogger Marciatack. First heat the water and margarine in the same pan, wait for the mixture to mix and add the flour all at once. Then stir with a wooden spoon until the dough forms a ball.

Peel peppers in no time

Kitchen tip: to quickly peel chillies and peppers… Cuisine-et-mets recommends stabbing them on a fork and passing them over a gas flame. This until the skin separates from the flesh. Efficiency guaranteed!

Get a perfectly round fried egg

Without a mold, it is therefore difficult to achieve perfection… unless you actually have an onion! Here is the kitchen trick explained on the life-hack.over-blog blog. Cut an onion into rings, keeping the widest circle, and place it on a hot pan. Then break your egg, place it in the pan inside the circle and cook.


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