Coca-Cola: after its flavor inspired by space, the brand launches a drink with a taste of pixels

Coca-Cola: after its flavor inspired by space, the brand launches a drink with a taste of pixels

Vanilla, Cherry, Lemon, Light, Zero, cult flavors that Coca-Cola has sometimes marketed for decades. And recently, the American giant decided to open a new innovation division. More eccentric creations than ever that seek above all to surprise. After a first flavor last month, Coca-Cola has just announced a new drink: a pixel-tasting Coca-Cola.

a pixel-flavored coca-cola?

After its Coca-Cola Starlight and its “space-inspired” flavor, Coca-Cola has chosen to announce its new pixel-flavored drink. An adequate moment given the news since this Tuesday, April 5th, the 2022 edition of the Pixel War finally ended, a pixel war taking place on the r/Place subreddit of Reddit, during which a multitude of different communities interacted together in order to fill a blank canvas using only colored pixels. The final result was unveiled this night, before the participants took it upon themselves to make all these creations disappear via white pixels.

A long process that echoes the brand new flavor of Coca-Cola. A drink called Coca-Cola Zero Byte which must have the taste of pixels. Only, is anyone even able to describe the taste of a pixel? Coca-Cola intends to build on this mystery to promote its unique drink, the taste of which must now be imagined by future consumers before reaching their throats. “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte makes the intangible taste of the pixel tangible” explains Oana Vlad, senior director of strategy at Coca-Cola. This new drink will have “the Coca-Cola taste you know and love with elements that start bright and finish refreshing“.

What do you think taste like? Reply with your most creative guesses.

April 4, 2022

This new flavor will be launched on May 2 in the United States online only while supplies last. Be careful though, Latin American countries as well as China will also be able to benefit from it. What about France in all this? It would seem that the interested parties are obliged to go through a proper import. A flavor imagined by the brand’s new innovation division which seems to be turning more and more towards mystery and wacky tastes. It remains to be seen whether many Coca-Cola enthusiasts will respond to the call.

On your side, are you interested in this pixel flavor? Do not hesitate to answer us via the comments section.


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