Children: Here are solutions to educate them without shouting or punishing them


There are times when we want to scold our children. However, parents know that yelling and punishing can affect their confidence and self-esteem and can lead to an unhealthy relationship. Here are some solutions to educate your children without punishment or shouting.

Have wishes in harmony with their age

Generally, when you go to public places with your children… So don’t expect them to behave like adults. However, accept that they make their own experience. Also, you will share more complicity and freedom with them and your exchanges will be more playful.

To educate your children … take care of yourself!

By treating yourself with kindness and gentleness first, you will feel more fulfilled and share more love.

On the other hand, when you feel tired or drained with a lack of energy… It is more difficult for you to manage crises. Indeed, by accepting your children with their weaknesses, you learn to respect them and know them and they will feel more confident.

Respect your own limits

If your children do not respect your limits … It is therefore necessary to reframe them gently. Indeed, even if you tend to let it go to avoid endless crises… It is your duty as a parent to teach them to respect certain limits.

Stop projecting your anxieties

When you project your fears or negative feelings onto your children… They store this energy and then risk seeing themselves as such. Moreover, this negative feeling influences their state of mind and subsequently translates into their behavior.

Nurture your own inner child before educating your children

Children can trigger unresolved conflicts in you, related to your current life or in relation to your own childhood. In fact, it can influence your attitude towards them and then affect their development and sociability.

So learn how to heal yourself to free yourself from all that inner frustration. This by responding to the actions of your children with more love.

Make sure you have a good time together

For the emotional development of children… Attention is a basic need. In fact, their periods of crisis are often signs to affirm their presence and their individuality and draw your attention to them.

They feel more fulfilled and more secure when you share with them quality moments where you are 100% present. Therefore, they will do less mischief.

Don’t blame your kids

Shame and guilt are feelings that emit negative vibrations. The opposite of feelings of balance, compassion and love.

Besides, guilt takes you away from this inner harmony. But also leads you to a depressive state. Make sure you are doing the best you can. And that parenting is a lifelong learning process.

Respect and supervise their sense of adventure

Give your children the opportunity to express their talent for exploration. Indeed, it helps them to develop their faculties of observation and their curiosity. Also, supervise their sense of adventure by allowing them to play games appropriate to their age without controlling them.


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