Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Here’s why Willy Wonka is a serial killer according to fans

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Here's why Willy Wonka is a serial killer according to fans

Released in 2005 in dark rooms, Charlie and the chocolate factory has sated fans of fantasy adventures. According to some onlookers, Willy Wonka’s idea of ​​inviting five children to visit his factory was not, however, a pure act of generosity. According to this theory, it could indeed be that the chocolatier is a serial killer!

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a hit at the box office

When it was released in cinemas in 2005, Charlie and the chocolate factory by director Tim Burton, caused a sensation with the public. The film worn by Johnny Depp has also reported over $474,968,763 in revenuewhich makes a lot of gourmets who have come to the cinema. Charlie and the chocolate factory tells the story of Charlie, a little boy from a modest family who has to work hard to be able to afford, once a year, a chocolate bar from his favorite factory. When Willy Wonka, the owner of the only chocolate factory in town, decides to offer five families the opportunity to visit his business, Charlie’s eyes light up with hope. Of all the chocolate bars that were going to sell, what were his chances of finding one of the five containing a golden ticket?

Of course, Charlie was part of lucky winners. So he went to Willy Wonka’s factory alongside the other selected families. During the visit organized by the master chocolatier, terrible incidents occur: four of the five children who won the golden ticket end up terribly injured. If all the victims were unbearable for multiple reasons, their fate is still tragic. However, Willy Wonka doesn’t seem to be affected by their disappearance, leaving the Oompas Loompas to clean up any trace of the crime scene, as if nothing had happened. Themselves totally insensitive to the situation, this suggests that they would not be at their first attempt. This astonishing disconcerting attitude of Willy Wonka and his cronies encouraged fans to imagine a theory about her.

The clues that prove Willy Wonka is a serial killer

Unsympathetic by nature, the master chocolatier did not invite these rambunctious children to visit his factory by chance. According to this theory, they were moreover selected by Willy Wonka himself, who intended to rid society of these greedy beings in the making. Between the spoiled rotten little plague, the morphal who eats everything that passes before his eyes without worrying about his health or the hunger in the world, the aggressive kid or the little boy who only sees through video games and technology… the personality of these children did not inspire anything good in Willy Wonka. According to the fan theory, the master chocolatier therefore invited them to kill them; he would therefore be a serial killer.

If this theory is true, why was little Charlie spared? To fill loneliness and boredom, Willy Wonka may have wanted to see if poor kids could be as greedy as rich kids. He may have originally wanted to kill Charlie too, but the gentleness, kindness and respect of this boy touched him. This is why the master chocolatier has certainly decided to spare Charlie and make him heir to his factory. But beware, the theory does not stop there: fans now imagine that Charlie is now destined to take over the reins of the company, but only if he keeps the same functioning. Willy Wonka would then groom him to become a serial child killer.

The theory taken up in the prequel Willy Wonka ?

Timothée Chalamet as Willy Wonka in the prequel film Charlie and the chocolate factory. This musical film should allow to explore the youth and origins of Willy Wonka before he was at the head of his emblematic chocolate factory. With Paul King in the script, we don’t yet know if he will be inspired by the story of Charlie and the chocolate factory by Mel Stuart, released in 1971 or from the story of Tim Burtonadapted for the screen in 2005. What is certain is that with Timothée Chalamet in the title role, we can expect anything. Thanks to his portrayal of Paul Atreides in Dunes, we know how great the adaptability of the actor is. We see him very well incarnate a dark role, revealing the worst facets of Willy Wonka’s personality. The film’s release date has been postponed many times due to the health epidemic, but if nothing changes in the meantime, the prequel to Charlie and the chocolate factory should go out in December 2023 in dark rooms.


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