Cats: 5 easy tips to protect them from high heat


Like humans, animals do not tolerate high temperatures well. Discover in this article some tips to protect your cat from sunburn and sunstroke.

A bit like us, cats don’t like the heat too much. And especially when the thermometer reaches or exceeds 40 degrees. Indeed, to protect and refresh them as well as possible during this summer period… The French feline food brand ‘Ziggy’ has some good tips to share with us.

A damp cloth? No outing to the garden? A little more mash? Much more water? Discover the advice of professionals to help your cat spend a cool summer. Read the guide!

Give him water regularly!

To avoid wasting away from the heat, you need to stay hydrated. In fact, that goes for your cat too. Do not hesitate to fill his bowl regularly and to change the water daily.

Your animal will therefore have fresh water throughout the day. Also, if you don’t want to waste it by throwing water too often because it has become hot… You can add a few ice cubes to its bowl to cool it down.

Opt for wet food

The food brand Ziggy makes wet mash. This means that it contains a high enough volume of water to meet your cat’s needs.

Likewise “cats are very bad drinkers”. So to prevent them from being dehydrated from the first days of a heat wave… You will have to give them water. But also foods rich in water to ensure a complete supply of liquids.

Keep your cat in the shade

No mystery here. Of course, your pet needs to run around, but when it’s very hot, it’s best to keep it indoors. Close curtains and shutters during the day. This is to prevent the sun from shining directly into the house and to ventilate preferably at night.

Indeed, so that he still has the opportunity to stretch his legs… Prefer outings early in the morning or in the evening. Absolutely avoid leaving your cat outside between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Refresh their space

From now on, to keep your cat cool in all circumstances… Several options are available to you. You can absolutely install a fan near his bed. Or in a room where he spends most of his time to keep it cool.

In fact, if this option is too energy-intensive, you can choose to put a damp towel on the floor. Likewise, this trick works with a carpet that you have moistened beforehand. These will therefore help to lower your cat’s body temperature in no time!

Don’t cut his hair

From now on, summer is not the time to give your cat a new haircut. We can say that under its big tuft of hair a cat is very hot and therefore be tempted to cut it. Not true ! Its coat will actually serve as a shield against heat and sunburn throughout the summer. Nature does things very well.


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