Can you send beer through the mail?


USPS prohibits all shipments of beer, spirits, and wine both domestically and internationally. USPS also has strict laws on the packaging for shipments that previously carried alcohol. If a package has any labels or branding of an alcohol company, USPS will not process the shipment and reject it.

Please be aware that we CANNOT ship beer. To obtain your UPS tracking number, you can email us at Please call the brewery at 608-527-5850 if you have any questions or need to cancel an online order.

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Moreover, Can you send alcohol through the mail?

USPS does not allow for the mailing or shipment of alcohol, domestically or internationally. On top of this, if you are using packaging that was once used to carry alcohol, any and all labeling or branding that shows it could carry alcohol should be covered, or else your package can be denied shipment.

Secondly, How much is a case of Spotted Cow beer?

A case of Spotted Cow and other New Glarus brands, which are sold only in Wisconsin, is $44.99, one of the most expensive price points in the state. Travelers departing the Dane County Regional Airport can grab Spotted Cow, but it will cost them. A 12-pack of cans is $26.99 while a six-pack of bottles is $19.

Simply so, What is the alcohol content of Spotted Cow beer?


What percent alcohol is New Glarus beer?


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What is the alcohol percentage of spotted cow?

8.5 percent

Will UPS know if I ship alcohol?

UPS sends a shipment notification email to the recipient informing them when the Spirits shipment will be delivered so that an adult at least 21 years of age can be available to complete the delivery. Quantum View Notify is provided at no additional charge.

Can you ship alcohol through FedEx?

Only FedEx-approved, licensed alcohol shippers that have entered into a FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement may ship alcohol via FedEx services. Consumers may not ship alcohol of any type via FedEx services.

What is the best New Glarus beer?

– Moon Man. With the prevalence of pale ales in the American craft scene, it’s a wonder that Moon Man, New Glarus’ expertly styled No Coast Pale Ale, hasn’t usurped Spotted Cow as their most revered beer.
– Serendipity.
– Fat Squirrel.
– Scream IIPA.
– Wisconsin Belgian Red.

What happens if you ship alcohol ups?

UPS does not accept shipments of beer or alcohol for delivery to consumers. UPS accepts shipments of beer or alcohol only among and between selected states. The ability to ship wine depends upon the nature of the shipper’s license to sell wine and the laws of the destination states.

What states do not allow alcohol to be shipped?

Currently, 44 states permit some interstate direct-to-consumer shipping of alcohol, according to Wines & Vines and ShipCompliant by Sovos. The states that do not allow it are Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

How Strong Is Spotted Cow beer?

The brewer’s yeast will sometimes settle at the bottom of bottles. Spotted Cow has a 4.8% ABV.

Is Spotted Cow good?

Spotted Cow is perfectly fine, but it’s nothing special. Ale Asylum Bedlam and Karben4 Tokyo Sauna are spectacular beers, and Capital Brewery Oktoberfest just won gold at the Great American Beer Festival. Spotted Cow, though, is just some cream ale.

What states allow beer shipping?

Eight states allow the direct shipment of beer and wine as specified: Delaware, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Virginia.

Can you buy spotted cow outside of Wisconsin?

It seems to be fairly well-known fact that Spotted Cow isn’t distributed to any stores outside Wisconsin state lines. For a limited time you can buy Spotted Cow in our gift package: the Wisconsin Box!

What does Spotted Cow taste like?

What does Spotted Cow taste like? The Spotted Cow has some of the more typical fruity and earthy flavours you’ll find in farmhouse ales. Spotted cow has a sweeter taste that reminds me of honey, orange peel or citrus, a great balance between malt and hops and a slight bready aftertaste.

Is Spotted Cow a light beer?

They have very little taste and rather low alcohol content, at least compared to non-industrial brews. We Americans like light beer, even if don’t know it. Hence, in the context of the American beer industry (about 80% of which is controlled by the big three brands), Spotted Cow is not a light beer.

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