Can you make keys at Walmart?

  1. Does Walmart Make Keys?
  2. Yes, Walmart provides key copying and cutting services in-store.
  3. Key cutting is self-serve and you do it at their MinuteKey kiosks.
  4. I like to get all of my keys cut at Walmart stores using the MinuteKey kiosks because I prefer the self-serve element to it.

Subsequently, Does Home Depot make keys? The Home Depot makes house and office key copies for major brands such as Schlage and Yale. Older or rare keys may be copied if a suitable blank is available. Customers must bring in the original key with a suitable blank. The in-store key cutting technician will produce the copy in minutes.

Does AutoZone make house keys? AutoZone is primarily an automotive store, but do they make house keys? Most AutoZone stores, and other auto part stores, do not make or cut house or padlock keys and only offer vehicle key duplication, transponder keys, and fobs.

Yet, Does Harbor Freight make keys? Harbor Freight does not make or copy keys but they sell key locks and other tools. Harbor freight deals with the sales of tools and equipment such as but not limited to automotive tools, air compressors, hand tools, saws, drills, generators, welding supplies, wrenches, and tool storage.

Why do keys say do not duplicate? The “do not duplicate” label on door lock keys is often used to prevent unauthorized duplication of the keys by non-authorized personnel. This is done primarily for security purposes in order to protect homeowners or businesses who share key access with different people.

Where can I make a copy to a key?

Just about every home improvement store has the ability to duplicate keys. Some even have self-serve kiosks.

Hardware/Home Improvement Chains

  • Home Depot. …
  • Lowe’s. …
  • Ace Hardware. …
  • True Value. …
  • Local Privately Owned Hardware Stores.

Does Ace Hardware make key copies?

We can duplicate all standard keys. We have a wide variety of blanks to choose from, with different shapes and patterns. We also carry rubber covers and key chains to help make your new key something worth carrying around.

Does Home Depot make copies of keys?

Yes, Home Depot uses its Minute Key Kiosk machines to laser-cut house door keys. These automated devices use laser technology to detect the original key fit and then cut the appropriate blank. Please note that in-store manual key cutting uses a hand-operated machine that duplicates the original key’s fit.

Does Lowes copy do not duplicate keys?

Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s all have self serve kiosk that allow anyone in possession of any non-restricted key (meaning open market key blanks) to walk up, put the key in the machine and duplicate them without any validation.

Will Home Depot copy a do not duplicate key?

Helpful? A: Yes your local Home Depot should be able to cut this key for you. Basically you just would have to match up the profile looking down the key; the wiggles/bends, with your key profile. And they should be able to cut it for you.


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