Can I order a Costco cake online?

  1. We ask that you order at your local Costco warehouse’s bakery, as we don’t provide online cake-ordering options.
  2. Please keep in mind that you’ll need to complete an order form, and our bakers require a two-day notice—this is all to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want!

Thus, How much is a half sheet cake at Costco? You can buy a half-sheet cake at Costco for $19.99, and it can serve up to 48 people per cake.

Additionally Do Costco sheet cakes need to be refrigerated? going to Costco to pick up two large bday cakes which will be served at church tomorrow roughly 24 hours later. Ok to leave them on my kitchen counter (if hot we turn A/C on to 75F) or do theyhave to be refrigerated? thanks! cake is fine at room temp even for days.

How many people does a full sheet cake feed? A full Sheet Cake Pan is 18 by 24 inches, which will usually serve 48 to 96 people. This is a fabulous event cake for charities and grand company celebrations.

How big is a Costco sheet cake? Compared to one of the 10-inch round cakes, which only feeds up to a dozen for more than half the price, there is no comparison — the half-sheet’s 12 x 16 inches of fluffy frosted goodness comes out on top (or on plate) every time.

How much does a Costco full sheet cake cost?

Costco Sheet Cake Price

Special Occasion Sheet Cake Prices
Full Sheet Double Layered $18.99

Jul 4, 2022

How long does a Costco sheet cake last?

Kept in the fridge, cake with buttercream or ganache topping will last for 3-4 days. If the cake has custard, cream, cream cheese, or fresh fruit, it will last 1-2 days at most. If your cake has cream cheese frosting, then refrigerate for 1-2 days at most and then allow to come up to room temperature before serving.

Can I freeze Costco cake?

You can keep unfrosted cakes in the freezer for two months. When you’re ready to eat, defrost in the fridge until thawed. Editor’s tip: Partially frozen cakes are super easy to decorate since they are stiffer and produce fewer crumbs—so don’t wait for them to thaw completely if you want to frost them!

What kind of frosting is on Costco cakes?

Costco’s white cake recipe utilizes a simple buttercream frosting to finish off the cake.

How much is a Costco half sheet cake?

When it comes to cakes, you get the best deal at Costco. Costco half-sheet cake costs about $20 and has servings for 48 people – that’s cheaper than any other store!

Can you buy cake Costco without membership?

Unfortunately, there’s a 5 percent markup on all purchases made online, but the retailer won’t bar you from making purchases without a membership. For those who are already members, tell your friends—this is the easiest way to “test” Costco for yourself.

Is Costco making cakes again 2022?

Most wanted Costco cakes 2022 Costco is an excellent option if you’re looking for an affordable yet delicious cake for your next event. They have a wide selection of cakes to choose from, and Costco cakes prices are hard to beat.

What is Costco discontinuing in 2022?

Combo Pizza One of the most popular Costco food court items won’t be back in stores for 2022 after being discontinued when the COVID-19 pandemic began.

How much is a half-sheet cake at Costco?

You can buy a half-sheet cake at Costco for $19.99, and it can serve up to 48 people per cake.


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