Brown spots: The unusual tip of a cosmetic surgeon to avoid them


Brown spots bother many people and most often appear in the summer. This is due to bad habits that can be avoided. Discover in this new article the infallible trick of Dr. Oren Marco, cosmetic surgeon, for a 100% gorgeous complexion! Read on!

Indeed, pigment spots can actually occur for various reasons, sun exposure without protection, genetics, hormonal changes…. Melanoses, also called age spots, are dark, rounded and appear like this over the years.

In addition, freckles or even freckles appear on the face of people with fair skin. This after sun exposure. In contrast, melasma, which predominates on the cheekbones, upper lip, and forehead, most often manifests during pregnancy. This is due to unprotected sun exposure or even because of taking the pill.

Also, there are acne spots, which are reddish and may turn brown, due to the inflammatory process of acne.

Brown spots are all the more common in summer

Indeed, in summer, due to prolonged exposure to the sun…Brown spots are all the more likely to develop. The skin therefore adopts defense mechanisms against UV rays, in particular pigmentation. Cells called melanocytes will thus produce melanin. It is a brown pigment that colors the skin.

So when this pigmentation concentrates on certain areas of the body more than others, we speak here of hyperpigmentation. Moreover, it is she who is responsible for the appearance of brown spots caused by the sun. Namely on the face, hands and décolleté.

Foundation to prevent their appearance?

To avoid them, how about testing the tip of Dr. Oren Marcon (aka Dr. Beauty)? Indeed, this famous plastic surgeon recently explained on his Instagram account that foundation could be your best ally against this phenomenon.

“Did you know that if you add foundation to your sunscreen, you double its effectiveness and avoid pigment spots as much as possible? The colored pigment in foundations reflects the light responsible for dark spots”. He actually explained on his social network.

According to the doctor’s explanations, blue light can create pigment spots and foundations therefore reverberate on this type of light. “In summer, I advise women who regularly have brown spots (and pregnant women) to wear makeup over their sunscreen,” he also continues. Moreover, this technique proposed by the professional works just as well in winter as in summer. Because it is important to protect your skin all year round. With a total screen or a simple moisturizer containing an SPF (day cream with sun protection).

A tip highly recommended for pregnant women

Indeed, in pregnant women, these brown spots are therefore the consequence of the combination of two factors. Namely “the increase in production of female hormones during pregnancy (estrogen) as well as exposure to the sun” also explains the doctor.

Moreover, this is the reason why he strongly recommends this trick to future mothers, in order to reduce the appearance of these famous spots.


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