Avocado: Discover 7 ways to cook with this food!


Avocado is a fruit. At home, we are used to eating it salty. However, in other countries, it is eaten with sugar and lemon for example. Indeed, this food can literally be cooked in a thousand ways. Discover in this article the 7 tips to vary the pleasures!

In sauce

Blending avocado can actually make a super smooth sauce. Add a little parsley, salt and olive oil. Tadda! You have a wonderful vegetarian sauce for your pasta! Also, you can make it into a pizza base: cheddar avocado base, pieces of artichokes or even white onions… the possibilities are endless.

Likewise, this sauce can simply be used as a dip, a sauce in which to dip your chips or your brownies, each in their own way. With this fruit, you can mix as much, especially a little goat cheese as with hummus.


The creamy texture of avocado makes a very good substitute for butter. And as a result, this fruit mixed with sugar or maple syrup can now serve as a vegan topping for your brownies. Also has your cupcakes or other sponge cakes!

Also, it’s healthier (at least a little) and it adds a nice green color to your desserts.

Baked avocado

For a starter or a quick dinner… So just put an egg in half an avocado, and add a little grilled bacon, a lot of cheese, a little ten minutes in the oven at 180°C and that’s it .

In fact, this idea allows you to cook your leftovers quickly and will liven up your frenzied evenings with plaid and best-of Kaamelott!

Avocado toastie

The croque-monsieur is very comforting. In fact, all you need is bread, turkey ham, avocado, gouda cheese and a little butter.

First, cut the avocado into strips and spread it on a slice of bread. Then, cover with strips of gouda, then turkey ham. And finally, add the second slice of bread. Over medium heat, melt a good knob of butter in a frying pan, when it’s hot, add the croque-monsieur. Cook for 3 minutes then flip gently. When it’s ready, eat it hot.

The guacamole!

Ingredients: avocado, white onion, seeded tomato, a few drops of Tabasco and a little coriander. So take all these ingredients cut into very small dice and make a salad out of it. It’s good, and it makes you want to sing Celine Dion!

In fries

This recipe is really very good. So just cut your avocado into potato-sized sticks and roll them in olive oil. You will then have to cover them with breadcrumbs and cook them in a greased and very hot pan.

If you feel like it, you can even… cover them with bacon. Besides, avocados are also great in smoothies, in burger sauce, in burritos with a little chicken and cheese. Or even stuffed meatballs!


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