Amazon Prime: these 8 free PC games of the month of April 2022 that you should not miss

Amazon Prime: these 8 free PC games of the month of April 2022 that you should not miss

The big names in tech try to retain their subscribers as best they can. The same techniques are used here and there, so players are used to receiving free games in spades every month. PlayStation Plus, Epic Games Store, Prime Gaming, libraries that grow on their own over the months. And as April approaches, Amazon’s service unveils its roster.

8 games offered for this month of April 2022

Like every month, Prime Gaming, the gaming division of Amazon’s Prime subscription, rewards the loyalty of its subscribers through a string of free games. PC games to pick up in the next few days, provided you have a valid Prime subscription. After 7 games in March, Prime Gaming reiterates in April with a nice roster made up of 8 games. Games that will then have to be activated on the side of platforms like Steam or the Epic Games Store. Games to be found right there.

Throughout the month of April 2022, Amazon Prime subscribers will therefore be able to recover:

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Game of the Year Deluxe Edition –In this RPG considered one of the best of all time, players will adventure in a richly detailed world, with free gameplay and improved graphics.

  • Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge – Aspiring pirate Guybrush Threepwood and now-zombie pirate LeChuck return in this fan-favorite adventure from LucasArts.

  • Guild of Ascension Between weapon crafting, befriending strange critters, and the bizarre creatures that populate the journey, this game is more than an action-tactical-RPG thanks to its rogue-lite elements and ground-based combat. turn-based combined with real-time combos.

  • Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion – Players here play as an adorable turnip doing everything possible to avoid paying taxes. To do so, you will have to solve puzzles, recover your crops and engage in a battle with a government of vegetables, each more corrupt than the other.

  • Galaxy of Pen and Paper – Why don’t we go back to 1999 and have some role-playing? As the master of the game, the imagination of the players will be put to good use: exploration of distant planets, fights against evil aliens and rescue of the galaxy are to be expected in this game that smells good of the 90’s.

  • House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets – To help the dead, players will have to guide Kate Reed through a world she never dared to think of, solving many puzzles along the way.

In addition to these games, affected players will be able to grab content for games like GTA Online, League of Legends, Red Dead Online and Valorant.

when prime gaming partners with Blizzard

Starting this April 2022, Prime Gaming and Blizzard are “partnering to bring Blizzard’s most popular games to Amazon Prime members.” Exclusive content will thus be granted to Prime subscribers who will be able to get their hands on in-game content for titles like Overwatch and Hearthstone:

  • Overwatch: Between now and September 14, Prime members can grab Overwatch Hero Monthly Deals, which unlock a total of four legendary loot boxes and three standard loot boxes. Starting today and running through April 27, Prime members can take advantage of the first Prime Gaming Overwatch deal, including a legendary loot box.

  • Hearthstone: rise through the ranks with Prime Gaming Hearthstone in-game content offers. Between now and September 14, Prime members will be able to grab monthly Hearthstone deals for a total of four random guaranteed legendary cards and three standard card packs for PC, Android, or iOS. Starting today and running through April 27, members can get the first Prime Gaming Hearthstone offer, including a random guaranteed legendary card to celebrate the upcoming launch of the title’s latest expansion, Heart of the Sunken City, on April 12. April.

Note that Prime Gaming offers unveiled soon will concern games World of Warcraft and Starcraft: Remastered.


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