Aladdin 2: Disney would have chosen this actor to replace Will Smith in genius

Aladdin 2: Disney would have chosen this actor to replace Will Smith in genius

After the success of Aladdin in 2019, Disney made it official to launch a sequel shortly after the film’s release. But for the moment, the project does not seem to be progressing very quickly. And this Aladdin 2 should logically see some changes regarding its casting. Indeed, following the scandal of the slap at the Oscars, Will Smith will perhaps be excluded from the role of the genius in Aladdin 2. And we would already know his replacement.

Aladdin: The Live Version by Guy Ritchie

In 2019, Disney, in the midst of its fashion to remake its great live action animation classics, product Aladdin. The firm with the big ears gives the realization of the project to Guy Ritchie who then hires Mena Massoud in the role of Aladdin, Naomi Scott in Jasmine and the mega-star Will Smith as the genius. The feature film then turns out to be a huge success at the box office with more than $1 billion in revenue (for a budget of 183 million). Inevitably, Disney formalizes a sequel very quickly.

Will Smith replaced?

Unfortunately for Will Smith, Oscar slap scandal seems to follow him on all his upcoming projects. A brief reminder of the facts. March 28while Chris Rock is on the stage of the Oscars to present an award, comedian jokes about Jada Pinkett Smith, the comedian’s wife. He tackles his illness, alopecia, which causes hair loss. The joke does not pass, Will Smith takes the stage and gives a huge slap to Chris Rock. Since then, the actor has been at the center of successive scandals and is thanked for most of his future projects (Bad Boys 4, Fast and Loose, Bright 2). And Aladdin 2 doesn’t seem to be an exception to the rule.

According to the latest rumours, Disney would be replacing Will Smith in the skin of the genius for Aladdin 2. According to the website Giant Freakin Robotit is Dwayne Johnson who will undoubtedly take over the emblematic role of the blue genius. The site states that The Rock auditioned for Aladdin 2 without specifying the role. It was enough for the net to make the connection between the stature of the actor and the role of the genius. As a reminder, at the end of the first film, the genius is freed by Aladdin and then becomes human again. Logically, Aladdin 2 will be an origin story and will therefore not be an adaptation of the Return of Jafarthe sequel to the animated classic released in 1994. Case to follow!


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