After La Flamme, Jonathan Cohen is back in Le Flambeau on Canal+ (trailer)

After La Flamme, Jonathan Cohen is back in Le Flambeau on Canal+ (trailer)

You loved The flame, the parody of The Bachelor with Jonathan Cohen? then you will love it The torchthe actor’s new program which this time tackles Koh Lanta. Broadcast on Canal+, this new parody has just been revealed in a trailer and as you can imagine, these are still cult moments in perspective.

38 days on a desert island to win 450 euros

Indeed, after parodying The Bachelor with Vincent Dedienne in the role of the presenter, Jonathan Cohen, who embodies Marc, an airline pilot with the mentality of a 10-year-old child, will be back in The torch. This time he won’t be looking for love, but will have to survive on Chupacabra Island for 38 days with nothing and fight against competitors to win the sum of… 450 euros !

This is of course to make fun of Koh Lanta and instead of Denis Brogniart, we find the excellent Jerome Commander. At the casting, Cohen again surrounded himself with the actors with whom he shared the poster of The flame to know Leila Bekhti (Alexandra the psychopath), Adèle Exarchopoulos (Soraya who had a monkey heart transplant), Camille Chamoux (the very comfortable Chataléré), Ramzy Bedia (coach Tony Tonic) and Pierre Niney.

For this crazy new program, newcomers well known to the public will be there. This is the case of Kad Merad who embodies a blond southerner addicted to pétanque and mojitos, Jonathan Lambert ready to do anything to betray the other participants or even Gerard Darmon as a one-eyed adventurer who feels in his element in a hostile environment. We also mention Mister V, Laura Felpin and Sebastien Chassagne.

Chain Canal+ unveiled the trailer for Torch which we invite you to discover below:

They are ready to do anything to win the crazy sum of €450!#LeFlambeau, the Adventurers of Chupacabra, in May only on CANAL+

April 26, 2022

If you are a fan of the absurd humor of the excellent Jonathan Cohen the 9 episodes of the series The torch will be broadcast in May on Canal+. And in the meantime you can always see or review The flame !


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