A PlayStation confused with a bomb sows a wind of panic

A PlayStation confused with a bomb sows a wind of panic

It was a real scene of panic that took place this Sunday in Terminal A of Logan International Airport in Boston. Indeed, evacuation of passengers, chaos and many flight delays were recorded due toa bomb threat triggered by a PlayStation !

Scene of chaos and wind of panic

Indeed, as reported by the chain WFXT, Boston airport turned into a scene of panic like in a disaster movie. A passenger explains that people were running around and screaming for the exit. Another passenger present said that airport employees were frightened by the situation, suspecting everyone to be a threat.

Evacuating everyone from Terminal A @BostonLogan #loganairport pic.twitter.com/z57yIOdCJW

April 17, 2022

Why such a commotion? Simply because ofa suspicious object discovered in a piece of luggage at the time of its check. A bomb threat was sounded and deminers intervened.

An old PlayStation in a sorry state

The police dispatched to the scene investigated for several hours to try to find out what the luggage really contained. After the investigations, it turns out that the luggage carried an old PlayStation console. Law enforcement officials say the object was in a degraded condition due to age or damage. During its control, abnormalities were detected after his x-ray. This alerted the agents who decided to issue a bomb threat and evacuate the airport.

Finally, the passengers were able to return to the terminal around 5 p.m. We do not have photos of the console, but we imagine that it is not a PlayStation 5. However, we are entitled to believe that the console had to be in a bad state for it to cause such a panic !



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