30 Weird Historical Facts You Probably Didn’t Know (Part 2)

30 Weird Historical Facts You Probably Didn't Know (Part 2)

A veritable revolution in our societies, the Internet is nevertheless often poorly perceived, whether for the excesses it can cause, or the lack of reliability of the information that is sometimes found there. Luckily, some social media sites and accounts are more trustworthy – and interesting – than others. As such, how not to mention the existence of the awesome Twitter account Weird History ? He regularly shares astonishing, improbable or simply unknown historical facts, and we had already made a small selection for you a little over a year ago. Rebelote today, with 30 weird historical facts you probably don’t know!

#1 The Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) is considered the real first “world war”

The first “World War” was the Seven Years war, fought from the Americas, to Europe, to India (although it actually lasted 9 years). pic.twitter.com/Wr5zgPoNAY

April 13, 2022

#2 The Greek general pyrrhus is said to have been the first to bring elephants to Italy, before Hannibal

The first person to bring elephants to Italy was not Hannibal, but the Greek general Pyrrhus (from whom we derive “Pyrrhric victory”). Supposedly, he revealed the beasts from behind a curtain to terrify the Romans. pic.twitter.com/KJLuAuhDh6

April 12, 2022

#3 to each his role: here, dogs transport equipment for the Belgian army during the Second World War

Everyone doing their part – dogs carrying supplies for the Belgian army, 1914. pic.twitter.com/aN0rCJKdrR

April 12, 2022

#4 in ancient Greece, we were already playing yo-yo

The Ancient Greeks played with yo-yos. pic.twitter.com/PoENEqUDAF

April 9, 2022

#5 these cyclists share a cigarette in the middle of the tour de france, in 1920

Sharing a cigarette during the 1920 Tour de France. pic.twitter.com/ImoTpLnj0H

April 5, 2022

#6 During the First World War, guide dogs were trained to help soldiers who had lost their sight due to gas attacks

Guide dogs were first trained during WW1 to help soldiers who had lost their vision in gas attacks. pic.twitter.com/4hSkQ7PcXv

April 10, 2022

#7 in 1900, in canada, this man rode a reindeer rather than a horse

That’s how we roll in Canada, early 1900s. Onward, Prancer! pic.twitter.com/ZOZEloJexG

March 13, 2022

#8 Princess Leia has secretly gone to the dark side of the force

Great photo of Carrie Fisher smiling with a stormtrooper on set of Empire Strikes Back. pic.twitter.com/Ssclb24Zlf

April 11, 2022

#9 during the Second World War, the Germans invented a jetpack-helicopter which had the annoying tendency to decapitate its carrier

The Germans invented a helicopter ‘jetpack’ during WW2 – not widely used due to tendency to decapitate the pilot. pic.twitter.com/TRbHP76oEL

March 7, 2022

#10 in 1944, this soldier was saved by his helmet from a shrapnel explosion (a shell filled with bullets)

Near miss – Coast Guardsman inspects his helmet after a shrapnel hit, 1944. pic.twitter.com/VGDECEeaCq

April 1, 2022

#11 in 1930 this boy owned a… pet boar

“But I wanted a pony!” Boy and his boar, 1930. pic.twitter.com/8XePvCzlYF

March 10, 2022

#12 martin luther king only got a “C+” in public speaking

Martin Luther King Jr. got a C+ in public speaking. pic.twitter.com/eR7yic7Qyu

April 2, 2022

#13 the oldest known monopoly board, entirely handmade by charles darrow, dates from the early 1930s

Oldest known game of Monopoly, handmade by Charles Darrow around 1930. pic.twitter.com/TMrHNBBzkE

February 21, 2022

#14 in 1899, this train moved an entire building over 30 miles, to the city of covenant in the state of nebraska, usa

City hall moved by train 20 miles from Hemingford to Alliance Nebraska in 1899. pic.twitter.com/4W2Hjmw9DY

April 10, 2022

#15 when trying to shut down a gay parade using water cannon, Turkish police accidentally created a rainbow

Turkish police trying to stop a pride parade with water cannons accidentally created rainbows. pic.twitter.com/RTIw66QJ7d

February 28, 2022

#16 in 1969, near london, these elephants were covered with earmuffs to protect them from the noise

In 1969, elephants near Heathrow in London were given earmuffs to protect them from noise. pic.twitter.com/YeH8C1FkLE

February 18, 2022

#17 the seats – not very reassuring – that were found in certain planes in the 1930s

Seating on a 1930s airplane. Not sure that would pass safety regs today. pic.twitter.com/9YGZZ7wXqD

February 28, 2022

#18 this tree felled in california at the beginning of the twentieth century was more than 2000 years old

Two thousand year old tree, early 20th century California. pic.twitter.com/01x6PP6zbA

April 8, 2022

#19 Originally, the Roman calendar had only 10 months of 30 and 31 days. a year lasted 304 days

The Roman calendar was originally 10 months starting in March, with a variable winter period uncounted as part of any month. (‘November’ and ‘December’ come from ‘ninth month’ and ‘tenth month’.) pic.twitter.com/Crbw07kALI

April 5, 2022

#20 1935: the huge golden gate is under construction in california

Worker on the Golden Gate bridge under construction, 1935. pic.twitter.com/DETLq4MKmC

March 30, 2022

#21 the ancestors of strollers were pulled by dogs or goats

Early strollers often had harnesses to be pulled by dogs or goats. pic.twitter.com/0ppdrZwRng

February 26, 2022

#22 apple’s first laptop was released in 1989

Apple’s first portable computer, 1989. pic.twitter.com/BZbg813k7W

February 1, 2022

#23 The 520 howitzer (1916) was the largest French weapon that ever existed, but was destroyed on its first use. a second version was captured by the German army during the second world war

The largest ever French gun (520 Howitzer) blew up on first use. A second was captured and used by Germany in WW2, but also soon exploded. pic.twitter.com/IOXhVIee79

February 13, 2022

#24 in 1745, King Louis XV organized the “Bal des ifs” in Versailles. he and his courtiers were then dressed as trees

In 1745, King Louis XV organized a ball where he and his courtiers dressed as trees and shrubs. pic.twitter.com/AEPAEwI6fV

March 27, 2022

#25 in 1978, c3po conducted the london symphony orchestra at albert hall

C3PO conducting the London Symphony Orchestra playing Star Wars at Albert Hall, 1978. pic.twitter.com/trngnEuH7b

February 11, 2022

#26 originally, the statue of liberty was to be inspired by an egyptian woman and to be placed near the suez canal

The Statue of Liberty was originally modeled on an Egyptian woman – designed for Suez Canal, later repurposed in Greco-Roman style. pic.twitter.com/m7w9i85wgm

February 13, 2022

#27 although known for his beard, Abraham lincoln actually only let it grow when he became president

Lincoln lived most of his life beardless, and only started growing his whiskers when he ran for President. pic.twitter.com/qgSIheIyXS

February 6, 2022

#28 1930: a meal of all risks during the break of these workers working on the construction of the Waldorf-astoria hotel in new york

Waiters serve steel workers lunch on a girder high above the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, 1930. pic.twitter.com/ieLZwamJbB

March 19, 2022

#29 this French postcard dating from 1913 features the shortest man, the tallest man and the fattest man of the time playing cards together

French 1913 postcard featuring the tallest, shortest, and fattest men of Europe playing cards. pic.twitter.com/EyKthJT3pa

February 3, 2022

#30 American athlete Jesse Owens, considered the best sprinter of his generation, won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany

Jesse Owens winning gold in Nazi Germany, 1936. pic.twitter.com/cs7goVZ5sh

February 14, 2022

And if your curiosity and your thirst for culture are not satisfied, we have even more little-known historical facts to share with you right here!



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