30 times IT support had to deal with incredible situations (part 2)

30 times IT support had to deal with incredible situations (part 2)

As the years pass, more and more people decide to trust the technology, and moreover become completely dependent on it. But who says high-tech products, necessarily says installations and maintenance that go with it. Unfortunately, even the most experienced have a little trouble with these essential steps. This is also why the IT support was created. He fixes everything that customers can’t fix. Believe us, employees in this sector see green and unripe ones. Discover, in this article, 30 times IT support had to deal with unbelievable situations.

#1 The owner of this keyboard spilled coffee on it, and put it in the oven to dry it out

#2 The work of a child with an overflowing imagination

#3 Before/after a little detangling session

#4 When the customer tells you about “a few ants” sticking out of his Mac

#5 Done with the means at hand

#6 This iPhone cable that will never be replaced “because it works”…

#7 What to admire inside the beast

#8 A legendary installation

#9 Brute force is never the answer to anything

#10 lost charger? No worries !

#11 This iPad will not have held up, even with a case

#12 Heat up cans that look completely digital

#13 A mummified dualshock

#14 Graphics cards sold on e-bay and presented on the floor

#15 The best way to avoid overheating

#16 It must be really nice to clean…

#17 A helmet lost in the bottom of a damp drawer for too long

#18 If it sticks, it works, right?

#19 Clearly this should WORK better

#20 Reassuring all this fog!

#21 A USB key sold as a kit

#22 Wires welded by the customer himself

#23 A laptop that couldn’t stand being pushed beyond its limits

#24 A craft toy that has no apparent use

#25 Whose work do you think?

#26 Here’s why this user’s keyboard wasn’t working

#27 A completely frozen Mac

#28 A computer mouse that has lived…

#29 A real insect nest!

#30 Best place for computer facilities

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