20 illustrations that caricature our modern daily life

20 illustrations that caricature our modern daily life

Today, we invite you to discover the work of the artist Cem Çevikayak, a draftsman who realizes caricatures that he shares on his social networks with his own style.

Since 2018, Çevikayak has been feeding his Instagram account titled Kartun Çizim with his illustrations that he imagines in a minimalist style. He is interested in our time and our society and stages caricatures of what happens in our daily lives in order to sometimes show the absurdity of some of our actions.

We offer you to discover a selection of some of his illustrations and if you want to find out more, you can visit his Tumblr.


“Let’s see if you can impress me with your project, if you can get some financial help”







Algorithmic Life – “Look, there were wild animals here” – A few minutes later…




“Always on my mind”

#11“Sleep mode on to save power” – “could someone press a button?”




“I wish the world was better” – “I guess the world has come to an end”.


“The music is great but the lyrics are poor”



“It’s their but, not a dumping ground, so don’t be stupid. Use your head and stay clean.”





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