10 Disney heroines who aren’t princesses

10 Disney heroines who aren't princesses

Since the 1930s, Disney presents many heroines with touching personalities. Snow White, Mulan, Elsa, Tiana, or even Megara, these adventurers have won the hearts of fans of the franchise with Mickey’s ears. Yet, surprising as it may seem, multiple heroines are not considered princesses. While some declined the honorary title, others simply did not. the qualities required to be called as such. It’s time to give these ladies the recognition they deserve! Here are the 10 Disney heroines who aren’t princesses.

#10 Tiana: The Princess and the Frog

Tiana was discovered in the animated film The princess and the Frogreleased in cinemas in 2019. It was presented as an independent young woman, who was looking to open his own restaurant in New Orleans. After falling in love with Prince Naveen and marrying him, she could as such meet the status of princess. However, at the end of the film, Tiana opted for another destiny : she chose to open the establishment of her dreams rather than living in Maldonia to rule the kingdom. If the heroine could therefore have taken advantage of this status, she preferred to achieve one of her most precious objectives.

#9 Mulan: Mulan

Discovery in the animated film Mulan, released in 1998, Mulan is a very different heroine from other Disney princesses. This last one don’t fight to meet the love of your life, but to honor his family name and save his country. To achieve this, she disguises herself as a man in order to join the ranks of the Chinese army. In Mulanshe is not not presented as a princess, but is part high-ranking members of the Imperial Army. This means that Mulan isn’t technically a princess, but she is considered one by Disney. This heroine, however, is seen as the bravest and most courageous of women of the universe to Mickey’s ears.

#8 Megara – Hercules

Megara is the love interest of Hercules in the eponymous film, released in 1997. If this magnificent heroine first worked for Hades, she quickly sided with the hero. When she became the latter’s girlfriend, she did not benefit from the title of princess. In Disney’s eyes, she was never considered as suchand sharing his life with a God does not allow him to acquire this status either.

#7 Vanellope: Wreck-It Ralph

Vanellope von Schweetz is the racing driver from the game Sugar Rush that we were able to discover in Ralph’s Worlds. Her case is a little different from that of the other Disney heroines, as the end of the first installment reveals that Ralph’s best friend has royal blood running through his veins. If in the sequel, she therefore joins more formally her colleagues from the Disney universe, she does not seem to do any of the tasks that an ordinary princess would do. On paper, Vanellope is therefore a princess but in fact, much less.

#6 Kida: Atlantis

Atlantis: The Lost Empire was released in 2001. If it’s not the most popular film in the franchise, it’s wrong. He allowed us to meet Kidagakash alias Kida. Inasmuch as fearsome warrior, many Disney fans do not understand why she is still not considered a princess. Maybe because she is become queen when his father died?

#5 Jane: Tarzan

Jane Porter, discovered in Tarzanreleased in 1999, evolves far from the world of royalty. The latter met the main hero during an expedition to Africa in which she was responsible for studying gorillas. If the latter has married the monkey king, she’s technically not a princess in Disney’s eyes. Still, many fans are speculating that her hairstyle and yellow dress look alike in the style of Belle and that they could be related.

#4 Wendy: Peter Pan

Peter Pan was unveiled to the public in 1953. The fantasy film does not feature many female characters, but aside from Tinker Bell, it was Wendy who won the hearts of the fans. If the latter goes through many difficulties during her adventure alongside Peter Pan, she never enjoyed the title of princess.

#3 Esmeralda: the hunchback of notre-dame

Released in 1996, The Hunchback of Notre Dame marked many generations. His adventure alongside Quasimodo won over many fans, but despite his benevolence, his strength of character and her many other qualities that would qualify her as a princess, Disney removed it from the official list for unknown reasons.

#2 Bell: Peter Pan

Tinkerbell is the second most popular heroine of Peter Pan. However, fans struggle to understand why she is not considered a princess. In some lists issued by Disney, she can take advantage of this name, while for others, her name is not even mentioned. It must be said that even if she is a fairy very close to Peter Pan, she has no royal status. However, she benefits from many qualities similar to those of the Disney princesses!

#1 Minnie: Willie, the steamboat

As a main Disney figure, Minnie Mouse has been around for decades. She is one of the most recognizable faces of fans of all generations. However, even if she wears a pretty dress and she is Mickey’s wife, she was never considered a princess. And for good reason, her husband does not enjoy royal status: he is just a couple of mice enjoying life with their friends.


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