Training Fitness Funny Moments – Gym/Workout EPIC FAILS Compilation 2015


gym workout fail videos – Funny epic fail videos.
Best funny videos , try not to laugh Training fails.


Funny Training Fitness Fail Videos – Gym/Workout EPIC FAILS Compilation – Funy Videos 2015

Funny/Best/Fail/Epic Videos 2015 Playlist


  1. Some of these were just guys trying a heavy weight (maybe even a pb?) and failing to complete the rep succesfully. So what? I don't think those are fails and I especially don't think they belong with the rest of those idiots who don't have the slightest idea how to do a proper workout.

  2. Some these aren't fails though. Ppl are just fuckin uneducated. I saw ppl using different forms of a workout tht were just working a different muscle group or targeting/isolating different a parts of a muscle, not a 'fail'. Fuckin judgmental fucks, many of whom which do not go to the gym regularly.


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