My Fitness Routine ft. my corgi puppy | viviannnv


Hey guys!
A fitness routine has been a highly requested video for some time now so I hope you all like it! I wasn’t planning on having Jasper in it but he decided he wanted to work out with me!
As some of you know, I don’t workout everyday. Lately it’s only been a few days out of the month so I was really hesitant to post this because I wish I were in better shape and more consistent with my routine. I decided to not put this video off any more and just put it out there in hopes of helping any of you that are looking for workout tips, etc.
Thank you for watching (: xoxo

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– Jasper is a 12 week old fluffy pembroke welsh corgi (: he is full corgi but has a long-haired coat

jazzy trap music vol1 – eli diaz infinite beatzx
wait – maxzwell

camera: canon g7x
editing: final cut pro x


  1. Why are there so many repeat responses?…if you feel she did it know u already looked at the comment section cause you want to validate your "knowledge" on the subject…before you even respond.and you clearly see there are like 100 others that pointed it out that her form is a little why do y'all need to continue saying the same seen others nagging her you really think she looks at the comments and says..well there are only 100 that said I was doing it wrong..but you being 101 changed her mind? Seriously people I get that for the most part many of u want to help her and warn her but by the 10th person..its really prob feeling like an attack instead of help

  2. Pro-tip: Nike Roshe runs are lifestyle shoes; meaning they are not suitable for working out/training.
    Moral: Don't buy shoes just because they're pretty and trending, and maybe put a little bit of your time to research about them instead.

  3. highly suggested for anyone doing squats: DO NOT LET YOUR KNEES GO OVER YOUR FEET. you want to put pressure on the heels opposed to the toes because putting pressure on your toes puts lots of pressure on your knees


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