London Bridge – The Fitness Marshall – Cardio Hip-Hop


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  1. Huge fan of you guys!! Never stop, Bria and Haley slayyyyyyy. Is it Hayley? Hailey. Haylee? Hale? Hahahaha jk."That is Hale…Theres no Haley happening there" LMAO! I die every time. I'm pretty sure i've watched all your vlogs.

  2. After following your videos for my zumba. I always end up catching my breath. Me and my bff did couple of your videos too. Then we realized that by looking at you it is a breathe-catching moves while the two girls looks so easy.. hahaha!!You are all awesome and SEXY!!!

  3. After watching several of these videos, I have come to the conclusion that this guy is sexy as hell…THE WAY HIS BODY MOVES
    IS JUST…WOW!! And I'm just saying…lucky girl…or guy… :P

  4. I wear a heart rate monitor while I dance to your videos to monitor my calorie burn. Tonight I did Insanity and learned that I burn almost the same amount of calories doing that as I burn while dancing along with you guys! I'm pretty excited because Insanity friggin sucks but i LOVE working out with you!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

  5. I started working out to these videos 4 weeks ago. I've gone from a size 11 to size 7! Every dropped of sweat I've earned and enjoyed plus dance moves are AWESOME! thank you!


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