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We lost a true conservation hero who fought so hard to protect Africa’s elephants.

Conservationist Wayne Lotter, a powerful force taking on the Tanzanian ivory trafficking cartels, was killed last night in a shooting near Dar es Salaam.

Through a combination of dogged determination and his self-effacing nature he created a powerful partnership with the National and Transnational Serious Crime Investigations Unit (NTSCIU) that had achieved real success against the crime networks.

With the support of Wayne’s organisation PAMS Foundation – Conservation in Tanzania https://pamsfoundation.org/ the NTSCIU arrested 1,398 poachers and ivory traffickers, 78% of whom were convicted for their crimes. This has been the first significant win against a wave of poaching that slashed Tanzania’s elephant population by 60% between 2007 and 2016.

Our deepest condolences to Wayne’s family and his team.


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