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A new report from Amazon Watch shows for the first time how firms that fuel the destruction of the Brazilian Amazon under Brazil’s new president openly trade with and receive financing from a range of companies and major investors in Europe and North America. Although these producers of soy, cattle, and timber for export have documented links to illegal deforestation, corruption, slave labor, and other crimes, they nonetheless do business with investors and companies based in countries that are Brazil’s three largest trading partners: China, the European Union and the United States.

“The good news is, if European and North American financiers and commodities buyers cut ties with Brazilian bad actors, they could use their market power to send a signal to Brazil’s leadership that the global community will not tolerate the policies of the new administration,” said report lead author, Christian Poirier of Amazon Watch. “But if they continue to support Brazilian companies, they should be ready to shoulder the blame for the destruction of rainforests and the abuse of indigenous peoples.”

#ComplicityInDestruction #Resista #DefendTheAmazon #DefendEarthDefenders #StopDeforestation

Read the report: https://amazonwatch.org/news/2019/0425-complicity-in-destruction-2


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