Kinobody Worst of the Fitness Industry


Gregory O’Gallagher also known as Kinobody likes to compare himself to Bruce Wayne due to his wealth and commitment to fitness. But is Greg’s training and diet advice on par with that of one of the greatest super heroes of all time?

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  1. How are you any better than him for the fitness industry ? Watch your own videos look at how negative you are. You dont give constructive criticism you shit on anyone who doesnt do what you like. You fucking bigot, just because everyone doesnt want to be a vegan doesnt mean they are bad people or disagree with you about animal cruelty. Do everyone a favor and quit youtube your videos are dripping with negativity. In all honesty youre also a really big pussy, go eat a steak and relax a little.

  2. I understand that you have different views and opinions, but everytime I've accidentally clicked on one of your videos you're just consistently shitting on what other people are doing. If they're attacking you for being vegan ignore them, if they're saying you can't build strength and muscle whilst vegan, shut up and just prove them wrong. Make videos about YOUR progress only not about what other people are doing, no wonder you have so many dislikes.

  3. kino is a dumbass, hes not nearly as smart as "Bruce Wayne" or athletic, and last time i checked he didnt inherit a billion dollar coporation, who wants to be the normal guy instead of the sueprhero anyways?

  4. I don't like how Vegan Gains talk alot of shit about fitness youtubers. Even if Kinobody is a bit of a spoiled shit, it's not right. However, I applaud the shit out of his actual facts and sources to back it up rather than some hearsay

  5. hey vegan gainz, the only thing is that insulin and growth hormone are inversely proportional so as your HGH spikes, that could definitely help to grow your muslces, IF your getting the optimal timing and calorie content for your feeding period.

  6. When I was younger I was quite skinny. I wanted to be bigger so I started weightlifting. I decided to look into it and a quick google search popped up with results from mike chang,, etc. So I started a program and began.

    When I started I realized I needed more calories. So I started taking protein shakes, and eating more foods. Protein seemed to be the focus so I had an extra couple eggs in the morning and more meat with dinner. But I found that I still couldn't eat enough of this food without feeling sick or bloated.

    I became more aware of meat and its negative impact on the environment and my health and decided to cut it out. I found that without it I was able to have much more control of my diet and eat more without feeling sick.

    Some years down the road (at age 21) I became vegan and have never went back. I have filled out nicely (160lbs at 5''7'), I am now an Electrical Engineer working at a semiconductor company and make +80k per year and I feel great. I can never go back to eating meat or dairy again. – Thanks Vegan Gains for the inspiration.

  7. 51% of Greenhouse gas emissions is from livestock?! What?!?!!??! NO!!!! It's like 14% – 18%. I'm not saying that's good either, but 51%?? Dude, get your facts straight before posting shit on the internet.

  8. Yes, Superman has always been Superman, and Clark Kent IS his alter ego, because he was not born as such. HOWEVER Bruce Wayne was born and raised (for a while) as just that – Bruce. He dedicated himself to fighting crime and his alter ego IS Batman, just like Spiderman wasn't born as Spiderman from a father and a spider, he became Spiderman and as such this is his alter ego. Comparing himself to Bruce Wayne is more than appropriate, as Bruce is a strong, very intelligent man, comparing oneself as Batman is a horrible overstatement and would make you seem pretentious.

    And for the record, I don't even read comics.

  9. You fuckin shithead lets just call everyone the worst in the damn fitness industry you fucking cunt. I'm tired of your shit and I'm pretty sure everyone else is too. If criticism means death then I'm pretty sure you would be a familiar place in heaven if your even fucking going there. Annoying ass…. just stay in your motherfucking place because as far as I'm concerned all the people your dumbass is mentioning are getting gains.


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