How to earn a living as a Fitness Model PT 1


Tavi gives some valuable insight into what you should look to do in order to make a living as a fitness model, get sponsored , and grow your marketing reach.

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  1. Hey Tavi, you've always been a huge inspiration to me. I've decided to pursue fitness in my life full time for now and I really appreciate the video as it was very informational. I've always been very impressed by your story and I wish you the best of luck with everything you do!

  2. Nice vid Tavi. I also feel like winning a couple of shows is probably the best way to kickstart a career as a fitness model. It gives the person legitimacy and shows that they're dedicated to their body and mind.

  3. I've been a big fan of tavi and everything he's accomplished. Seems like suck a nice and humble man. I just hope that someday I'll get the pleasure of meeting him face to face.

  4. Where are you from btw? Sandra is Dutch right? But if you are Dutch; Tavi Castro would be a rare name.. or is it a "pseudoniem" (i dont know the english word for it, ask sandra if you are not dutch :p)

  5. This video really helped me to get further in my road to succes, I can't wait for more information about this. I know this is my dream, and I will work till I reach succes! will you maybe take some time to check out my youtube channel? I don't have a lot of video's yet but there's more to come. Thank you very much Tavi, you're a legend!


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