GEISA VITORINO – Fitness Model: Leg-Sculpting Exercises – Leg Workout for Women @ Brazil


Brazilian Model GEISA VITORINO shows her beautiful body in a series of physical exercises.

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  1. I like Geisa. Unlike Gracyanne Barbosa, she doesn't always have a face made of stone, and you can see on her face that she is pushing herself hard in her workout and really earning her gainz. Not too diminish Gracyanne though; her 700 lb squats are scary strong.

  2. If you had ever tried one butt like this I can tell they are not fake,they
    are real and sexy and with no anabolics.
    if some use anabolics ok,but u can find plenty of these butts in any beach at RIO
    from garotas that don"t have the time or money to build their butts

  3. No those are fake butt implants you can tell how the buttock muscles absurdly fill out to the side with implant curves and a very ugly tattoo. Compare with Erika Schwegler who has no implants and still has a natty toned butt sculpt which looks right. Too many girls today will splice a few training clips together and think they will get away with this to say it is real in certain shots. But I train too and if you are wise to anatomy like me you will know you cannot hide fake. This is silly how she would need butt implants anyhow when she actually has the natural thigh muscles to build it without but this is how she will probably fool a few by blowing up the thighs enough in the gym. But you can still see the butt does not match, just look at the side poses.

    Not all Brazil girls do this either before anyone says I am saying that. I would single this one out.


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