Fitness Blender Hourglass Figure Workout – Exercises to get Curves


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  1. Just fell off the wagon eating a pack of donuts but I hoped right back on by doing this 6 times :/ I'm dripping sweat but hey , when I was done my stomach went from bloated on donuts to flat/they way it normally is , Soooo guys this workout is hella effective

  2. Hi, I first of all… ur videos…..
    can u make a video on workouts to increase broadness of hips….
    Plz do comment or something nd let me know if that is something that's not possible

  3. Hi, how many calories do I burn if I follow this workout? and how many times a week should I do this? By the way, I am 48kg and 5' 5" heigh. I am working to gain weight with a nice form like an hourglass figure as I have an inverted triangle body shape with a little bit curve on my waist. Looking forward for your response.

  4. I love all of your workouts videos they are  so effective. I work out daily incorporating the Fitness Blender workouts in my daily workout regimen . My concentration when I first started working out with your videos were my abs, obliques and waistline. After a week I saw the difference . I've been working out using your videos for a little over 2 months . I'm loving the results! Thanks for sharing !! Keep on inspiring others to workout !!

  5. You guys are the best!!! Fitness Blender is my go to workout routines at home and in the gym! :))) Thank you! My favs: This one of course- Hour Glass workout, Tank Top Arms, 5 Minute Bigger Butt, 10 minutes Ab workout, & toned and curvy body!


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