Female Fitness Motivation – Hot Workout 2016



Channel: https://www.youtube.com/ultimatefitnessmotivation
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  1. I'd be interested to know if guys really like girls who have these kinds of bodies ie. muscular instead of feminine. I do admire the muscles that they have developed. I don't the girls who are overdeveloped of the body building type. They are ugly but these are nice.

  2. It's sad because many of the girls that look like this get this way without training… purely genetics
    I do feel sorry for females because it's much more dependent on genetics.
    However, many more females can achieve a 'perfect body' look simply by wearing the right clothes and eating the right foods… most males will not achieve the perfect body on the other hand.

  3. Please stop contracting tattooed hood-rats with cellulitecovered asses for what is supposed to be "fitness" motivation. I know they are cheap, but please, have some standards and self dignity for heaven's sake.


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