Female Fitness Motivation 2014-Summer is Coming



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SONG!!! Emma Hewitt-Rewind (KATFYR Remix Edit)
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  1. I really respect most girls in this video..with so much fitness prostitution I am glad to see there are ladies who will still cover up for a gym even in a video that is meant to provoke lust…I mean the social media has twisted the whole aim of fitness…all videos are now of girls with that big booty popping and them breasts flashing.I mean fitness is not aimed at creating envy and lust but it is about being inlove with who you are that you prepared to work hard for your own satisfaction. it is never about convincing the whole world to fall inlove with your body but instead it is about oneself falling inlove with their strong self. I pray for a day where fitness will gain it true sense again. Regardless I still respect every women in fitness no matter your intentions are because even that doesnt take away the discipline, hard work and drive it took to get such an amazing body. To all the women in this video your'll are pretty amazing , beautiful and strong women!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Лично моё мнения это всё лажа ходить куда то и заниматься, у меня родная сестра бегает постоянно по пересечёнке и ездит на скалы несколько раз в месяц.Так она выглядит лучше чем эти все девушки , да и физически походу тоже ей не ровня.А главное выглядит стройной и превликательной

  4. They have amazing bodies, and they have definitely worked for it.
    So who dafuq cares if they wear make up while working out?
    It's just a matter of choice, plus they are filming.


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