Beginners Ballet | Lean Legs & Inner Thighs, Leg Workout, Dance Fitness At Home, Ab Exercises


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Beginners Ballet | Lean Legs & Inner Thighs, Leg Workout, Dance Fitness At Home, Ab Exercises

Join Yelena for a fun and effective Ballet Workout- great for all levels! This video will lengthen and tone your legs for lean inner thigh gap clarity, flexibility for dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, Ballet or just general fitness.

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This video was produced by Psychetruth

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  1. Amazing you have maybe the best workout videos on youtube, challenging but still easy to follow, I'm a beginner and I have never danced but actually I would like something that is maybe little more challenging than this, love ballet ispired workouts, so calming.

  2. Just a thought. I'm a graphic designer and perhaps adjusting the the overall tracking and kerning of your logo might help. It's a little tight and your show is so relaxing and loose. Just a designer observation.

  3. First things first, a very warm welcome to Psychetruth Yelena. Such a wonderful name, Yelena Konetchy, are you Russian? Do you speak Russian? Will you be teaching in the Russian style as you were taught as a girl? Wonderful to meet you. Best wishes for your ballet series!


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