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Certain arm workouts are great for taking care of sagging and creepy skin issues that you may be having. Learn about arm workouts for sagging and creepy skin with help from an experienced fitness trainer and exercise therapist in this free video clip.

Expert: Amber Nimedez
Filmmaker: Nick Brosco

Series Description: Being fit is not only physically rewarding, but it can also be quite emotionally rewarding as well. Get tips on how to stay fabulous and fit with help from an experienced fitness trainer and exercise therapist in this free video series.
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  1. you video is good, but it would be nice if you did ALL with us, instead of moving on to the next one. It is nice when you are timing it with us. Thanks for your effort.

  2. I like your video. Please post another video with exact number of reps…you do not complete the reps and move on the another..very annoying..thanks!

  3. She's young arms don't sag yet. So how can I be sure this will work. I need to see someone in their 60s showing her arms. Sorry you are beautiful but that's whats wrong with all these exercises everyone is young and beautiful.

  4. These exercises may hep in muscle ton but not in crepey skin. (not creepy). I have been dealing with crepey skin all sorts of ways including exercise. It is not nutrition as well. This skin loses elasticity and collagen and it is noticeble after weight lose. I eat all the veggies and the water and the fruits etc. This does not help. My next step will have to be laser tightening. I don't know if laser works. Has anyone tried it?

  5. Too good very nice and simple I loved it thank you so much.It would be very nice if you show us some good waist,tummy and leg exercise.

  6. Please can you look at the comments below and remake this video so we can do the whole exercise along with you with ALL the repeats?

  7. this would be so much better if you did all the reps with us so we don't have to pause, rewind, etc. Every trainer that has helped me online goes through the whole cycle with you.

  8. Obviously it has nothing to do with arms. Ive done these exercises 3 times a day and i cannot see a difference now. When you do it,it just feels like youre trying something to slim those arms or get rid of the unhealthy looking skin and your shoulders burn.Thats it.

  9. Wow it feels a little overwhelming while doing these moves but when youre done,you feel faaaar lighter! Im going to do this exercises 3 times a day and let you know about the results.

  10. Does this exercise give results in a week? or can you guys suggest me some arm exercise that could help me lose my sagging arm fat in a week? Thx~

  11. I like this. It's a short version of a T-Tapp exercise, which I need when I only have 5 minutes to work on my arms and upper back–great for posture. Thanks!.


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