Amazing 90 Day Body Transformation with Christian Guzman: Fitness & Aesthetic Motivation


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Whats up everyone! The day is finally here of my 90 day transformation! For the last 90 days I worked with Christian Guzman and have achieved great results. From counting macros everyday, to doing my cardio and hitting the gym, I was able to make this happen. No special diets just flexible dieting and a good coach. Anyways thanks for watching the video and if you liked it subscribe for more content!

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  1. I don't usually comment on videos, but I enjoyed watching this transformation. It is achievable for people, it is obviously not fake or by use of roids. When I get back from school I intent to cut down and this video is the physique that I want to achieve. All the other transformation videos I see just don't strike me as this one did, good job on your transformation. I subbed too.

  2. hi i have one question and believe me im not a hater or something i love what you became you put a lot of hard work but my question is did you use any kind of protein or whey or something or just healthy food and plz dont take my question bad it's just because im planning of changin my body completly im fed up with my look and your video inspired me that's all

  3. Have you other muscular group to show exceptiing your NATURAL abds that every human have them ? Because what you are showing here is not a body builded but a result from diet. So ?

  4. This is so
    Inspiring bryan u killed it man ,im looking for a coach for my summer cut to start beginning of march are the coaching services u offer the same as the cardio methods and training split as you used for your transformation , keep killin it man


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