Aesthetic Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation Workout in London ft. Jeff Seid, Alon Gabbay, Matt Ogus


Natural bodybuilding motivational workout featuring:
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  1. If you don't look like them…. Your not working hard enough……plain and simple. They look like that, you don't, get over it. If you ain't about it. The hours, the training, the lifestyle. Then gtfo, don't just come here and talk shit just because you don't have the will power and genetics.

  2. The max limit for natural arm mass is 19-20 inches with minimal body fat. Anything above that is due to steroid or gh use. These guys look like they have 19 inch arms. It's not like they're competing in mr Olympia or anything with 27 inch arms. =/

  3. all the people calling them out for not being natty ..are always the ones with no respectable physike! !!but the one who work their ass out 365 days of the year and their diet is on point every single day! ! working out for 8 12 years in a row .. without being on and off. and having th eright knowledge.. can and will achieved this physike … and if u don't achieve this is because ur doing aomethibg wrong…..

  4. Jeff has trained for like 12 years, no way he can be unnatural. If u work for that long, u can easily get that kinda physique like him

  5. All these comments about whether Jeff is natural or not lmao. Brahs why the fuck can't he be natural? The dude has been training since he was 12 years old diet on point with sick genetics. I have been training 18 months and I've achieved a pretty impressive and aesthetic physique not at this standard yet, however I know for a fact I'm capable of achieving a physique of this standard judging from where u am as of now. So all you mirin Kunts shut the fuck up and go train. Peace


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