10 Fitness Motivation TIPS & Fave Workout Moves!



My first fitness video! Thanks for requesting 🙂
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So I thought maybe I should tell you more about my story here..yes I always had a hard time gaining weight (please don’t scoff or roll your eyes at this) until I learned how to eat enough calories and was then later inspired to stop gaining it the unhealthy way. Your weight does not tell you much about your fitness. Being skinny does not automatically make someone fit or healthy. I was picked on for being skinny most of my life and I was sick of it. When I did gain weight most of it went into the areas where I didn’t want it (of course right? haha) so it was time to make a change 🙂 I’m proud to be living a much healthier lifestyle. Everyone has a different story, share yours!

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  1. Love the tips!
    I'be also started a health/fitness vlog, if any of you are into that-check it out & tell me so i can check out yours!

  2. Hi Christina, what camera and microphone do you use? I really would like to start a fitness tutorial videos. Thx b4 :)

  3. Great video! I just started my own fitness and motivation channel if you want to check it out!:) Thanks for the inspiration!<3

  4. Just signed up for PumpUp! Don't know of my wifi is weird or if PumpUp is being weird, but I can't find xteeener on there :/ anyone know of any unique hashtags she recently used so I can use that instead to follow?

  5. Hi . Im new to ur chanel . I started watching u becz of from head to toe and I think u r a great inspiration . I will definitely be trying out ur fitness moves plz do more videos like this one x ♡♥♡ 

  6. You are so inspirational! I completely agree with you when you say love your own body. And girl, I like your videos so much I've downloaded them offline. 

  7. Hey @xteeener. I'm like you I struggle with gaining weight or even toning cause of metabolism and size (I'm petite). The biggest part I struggle and get lazy with is eating right via meal planning and shopping!!! Can you put together what you buy at the store and if you do any meal planning? Thanks!!!

  8. Do share more on what you have been doing. It is like we are learning and growing together. I seem like i couldn't connect with those taught by personal trainers because I couldn't achieve the reps proposed as they are so muscular. Too far fetched. 

  9. I love how all your tips for exercising is very accessible at home especially for someone like me who don't have a lot of equipment! Thank you!

  10. xteener, you are seriously one of the sweetest and most genuine girl on youtube. Keep doing what you're doing, and don't let anyone stop you xx

  11. Love this! I'm gonna try to be more consistent too. Thanks for your videos 🙂 Also, I have to ask what is your nail polish? Love, a fellow Christine :)

  12. Christine, I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to the app! I tried it a couple days ago and I love it!

  13. I love the video. Bcos I have been wanting to do workout. But the number of repetitions done by some personal trainers seem absurd. I want to know how many reps we should do. I think you didn't say it. I dunno you were picked on for being skinny. You have a body shape of a model, looks great in anything. I also have a super narrow body type, I have to wear cardigans to cover the narrowness even till now. Although I put on lotta weight, like u said, it went to the wrong places, for me they are the tummy and face. What is worse I have acid reflux/gerd, can't do crunches, any workout that bends. So I do brisk walking for the moment. 

  14. thank you so much for this video, christine! you've inspired me to buy a mat and start working out 🙂 just curious, do you do most of your exercise at home or do you also go outside or go to the gym?

  15. I can't work out properly at the moment because I fell down some stairs and broke my toe (surgery is tomorrow) but on the positive side of things these crutches are giving me killer arms 😛 Thanks for a great video :)


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